Aman’s Life Turned Upside Down When His Girlfriend Cheated On Him With Another Man

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A love story usually begins with hopes of eternal and everlasting love, but sadly several of these stories are left incomplete. This story is of a boy whose world turned upside down when he found his girlfriend cheating on him.

In June 2016, Aman was going through a difficult time. He was diagnosed with a liver disorder, Hepatitis A and had a stone in his gall bladder. He was not only physically unwell but stressed out too. He was living away from home and had a long distance relationship. He didn’t miss his girlfriend’s physical presence as much as he missed her care and concern for him.


“I was already going through a difficult time. I had never expected anything from her but she cheated on me.”

The doctors had advised complete bed rest. But the frequent arguments between them disturbed him. He travelled from Bangalore to Delhi despite his medical condition. He found her living with another man.

“All I wanted to do was resolve our issues. She asked me to leave immediately. Our 3 years long relationship ended that moment.”

Aman couldn’t handle her betrayal. His world had turned topsy-turvy. To numb the constant pain he drowned into substance abuse. His physical health got worse along with Depression building within. His work-life balance was also getting out of his control. He couldn’t even sleep properly. Though he had friends, the breakup made him emotionally weak.

He consulted a psychiatrist who diagnosed him with two stress disorders: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. It’s been 10 months since their breakup but Aman is still trying to cope with his condition.

“My friend Shubham helped me a lot. I listen to music and spend most of my time reading. I am taking medical help too. This is a phase is not going to be permanent. I have realised difficult times like this can either cripple you or make you stronger and I will be stronger.”

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