This is why SRK is Raees

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Raees, King Khan’s first movie of 2017 has been rolled out in theatres today (25th January). Shahrukh Khan has given numerous blockbuster movies to Bollywood. His journey has been an inspirational one. The Badshah of Bollywood has been through failure and even poverty. He himself claims that he has accepted less creative movies to overcome poverty.

Struggles and failures are a part of life but our beloved Shahrukh Khan chose to never give up! His attitude and confidence kept him going.

What are the important life lessons we can learn from King Khan’s journey?

1. Be passionate about your goals.


2. Get up even if you fail. 


3. Grab your opportunity to win.


4. Choose your path to success wisely.


5. Don’t give up on your loved ones to succeed. celebrity-shahrukh-khan-motivational-dialogues

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