5 Lessons We Can Learn From Donald Trump (Yes, Him!)

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“You make a choice in your life, and it affects your life in all the ways, good and bad.” ~John Mayer

The most dreaded day, the 45th US President Donald Trump’s inauguration has arrived. Trump has been covered under several controversies. He has made bad choices for himself which have shown him in poor light. YourDOST does not endorse his personality or his views in any way. But we believe there is something to learn from everybody.

We can definitely gain inspiration from Trump’s journey to win the most important position in the world. He has faced several obstacles and nobody felt he had any chance of winning the US Presidential elections.

What can you learn from Donald Trump?

1. Self-confidence can fight any criticism!

During 2011, at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, Obama ridiculed most of Trump’s jokes. Despite being the laughing stalk, Trump took it in good spirit. To cover up his embarrassment, he only said, “Oh, it wasn’t so bad. At least he was talking about me.”


2. Believe in what you decide!

Trump bought the bankrupt Commodore Hotel. The hotel which did not look like had a future was turned into the Grand Hyatt by Trump.


3. Never give up!

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Donald Trump (Yes, Him!)
Source: www.askideas.com

Trump Tower, his biggest success took him nearly 3 years just to get a response from the landowner. He wrote letters after letters and made innumerable calls. There were more hurdles for him to build it but he never gave!

4. You know yourself the best!

During the 1980s, Trump was repeatedly ranked in the year-end polls of the most admired people in America. He had a strategy to seek attention and he implemented them well. If Trump did not believe himself, we would not have to witness this day at all!


5. Trust your team so that they can trust you!

Trump must have been in the bad light for several reasons but he is a great entrepreneur. As a leader to his employees, he has maintained loyalty. There has always been a mutual admiration and respect. D’Antoio claims that he has always encouraged his employees to grow. He gave them more responsibilities and rewarded them based on their progress. Rather than considering failures as a dead end, he would give them a second chance.

It’s time to bid a goodbye to Obama’s presidency and wait and watch what Trump has to offer!

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