5 Strange Questions That Can Help You Find If You Are Depressed

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Depression is a leading cause of suicide in India. Nearly 5.7 crore people are suffering from it in India. The stigma of Depression is such that people fear seeking help. Mental health itself lacks awareness as people directly associate it to ‘madness.’

Being stressed at work or mourning the loss of a loved one can lead to a temporary period of sadness. But Depression affects the daily life of the person.

If you observe symptoms that are more than a temporary sadness ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you avoid social gatherings?

People suffering from Depression tend to isolate themselves. They may intentionally avoid social gatherings or interactions. If you have seen this happen with you, it could be a sign of Depression.

Source: overcomingsocialanxiety.com

2. Do you believe that worrying helps you resolve your problems?

Anxiety drowns you with thoughts and feelings without resolving any problems. It castigates you for procrastinating and continue worrying. This results in infinite thoughts racing the mind, tight stomach and accelerated heartbeat.

Source: gospelgrapes.com
Source: gospelgrapes.com

3. Have you lost interest in activities you always enjoyed?

Depression can demotivate you from doing anything. It can suddenly stop you from enjoying your favourite activities. This can result in mood swings which can cause a temporary period of melancholy.

Source: gadoo.com
Source: gadoo.com

4. Do you have chronic aches without a physical cause?

If you have unexplained aches, the cause may be your mental health – Depression in particular. Depression can cause physical pain without an injury or cause.

Source: pinimg.com
Source: pinimg.com

5. Are you using alcohol or drugs to escape your issues?

People with Depression tend to use alcohol or drugs as self-medication. But this puts you at high risk for addiction. Now is the time to seek help from professionals to fight your battle against Depression.

Source: serenityacres.com
Source: serenityacres.com

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