5 Ways to Make Self Improvement Tips Work For You

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We’ve given you a lot of posts on how to be happier, more productive, improve your relationship etc. So in this post we don’t want to reiterate what we’ve already said, instead we want to give you tips on how to follow the tips we’ve been giving you. Confused? You don’t have to be!


All we are saying is, here are tips on how to follow or implement self-improvement tips. Let us understand it through an example of a student who has a lot to study.

1. Take baby steps

So you want to study more, but you haven’t been studying at all. Don’t expect to be able to study for hours together, the minute you make up your mind to. Keep realistic goals and take baby steps – you must know how to crawl before you can walk.

2. Make a plan

You have a million assignments to complete and it seems like you have no time to finish them? Plan out your time, however limited your time is. Writing down a plan gives you clarity about how much you can achieve, and your work seems less daunting when it is put on paper.

3. Reward yourself

You finished revising all the lessons you had vowed to do – give yourself a little treat. What we’re saying is, acknowledge your achievements. This gives you the positivity required to keep going.

4. Use physical reminders of your goal

So you want to achieve your goal of studying more? Put up posters about hard work and maybe even how much you want to score in places where you can see them. Physical cues act as a great way to remind you of what you are working for.

5. Get help

You have an important exam coming up, but you are not able to concentrate. You have tried all self-help tips and hacks, but they are of no use. It is time to seek help. Admitting that you need help is the first step to recovery and is half the battle won. Let trained professionals help you with their expertise.

(While we have taken the example of a student, these are general tips that can be followed by anyone for anything!)

So there you have it, what you should do to get to what you want to do. Have we left anything out? Do sound out your thoughts in the comments below.

Sushma Hebbar

Sushma Hebbar is a Senior Psychologist at YourDOST. She is an experienced career psychologist with a Master's in Clinical Psychology. She has worked with clients of different age groups, dealing with a wide variety of psychosocial & life adjustment problems that people face in their everyday lives. She has an extensive experience of dealing with career confusions, academic issues, relationship issues, exam stress and skill development. She worked as a facilitator and trained children for the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills. During her internship at All India Institute of Speech and Hearing at Mysore, she worked with children having ADHD, Learning disability and even those who were intellectually disbaled and suffered from Down syndrome. Her belief is that every individual is unique and has the right to be happy, which clearly goes on to show her liberal mindset.