Because I’m Happy (Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness Is The Truth)

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Dev, a friend who taught me how to survive merrily. Being with him is always an astonishing tone of that minute. Once he told me, “You are the best version of yourself, give a chance to yourself to love yourself. Don’t crave to be loved, enjoy the present moment and smile openly. The beauty of happiness lies in the present moment, just feel it.” Actually, I was unable to get these lines but it was in my mind. I understood it very well at the right time of my life. The best ever gift a person can give to another is ‘time’ and ‘attention’ and that he tried to give me.

I will partake in some of the experiences of mine in this article, so it may avail you to implement in your life as well:

1. Imagine the future with great optimism:

Humans have a habit to worry about the future than to live in the present moment. We think what will happen in the next few days or years? And we ignore the present time. Try to  subsist in that moment and if you suppose the future then think with positive paths. Try to avoid words like; ‘no’, ‘never’, ‘cannot’, ‘doubt’ etc. anything and everything is possible if you want it.

2. Have helping hands:

The more you help others the more you will be glad and gratified. Helping someone who is in need is the best kind of feeling one can experience in life. Help as much as you can to help others. Try once, you will understand what I mean to say.

3. Devote a greater amount of time to family and friends:

Spend more time with family and loved ones. They will keep you lite and happy. You may make lots of memories with them and cherish all your life. Life is a name of ‘twist and turn’. These memories hold us in our deep and fragile spots.

4. Committed to lifelong goals and ambitions:

The aimless and diverted mind cannot experience the real peace and felicity in life. Stay committed by the people, with the moral values, with the ends and dreams of life. Moreover, stay true and committed to yourself. You cannot lie to yourself. A ‘lie’ in you cannot give you the actual happiness in life. Be honest and determined for yourself.

5. Express gratitude for what you have:

Always express gratitude and thanks to all the people you have in life. People in life come and go to teach something. Some stay and some leave. Try to learn from each and everyone who has passed from your path. Don’t hold grudges. It will never serve you. Smile for what you have learnt from them and never repeat those faults.

6. Exercise and meditate daily:

Have a daily habit of physical exercise like running, gymming, exercising, etc. most of the people don’t meditate. Try to implement the habit of meditation. At first it is difficult to concentrate but lately, it is interesting and a peace to your intellect.

7. Share your thoughts:

Share the stress, crises, tragedies. It’s okay to share the part with your loved ones to keep yourself calm. Share things so that you can understand your choices. It’s okay to distress, sometimes but don’t let your strength down. Face each and every challenge with patience and strength. Problems are never constant. Solutions will overcome them soon if you find a way.

8. Enjoy your own company:

Among all the above-mentioned points, I love to be with myself. I love when I am alone, I try to understand myself more and invest in myself. To understand others, it is more important to deliver a good tuning with yourself.

9. Don’t cry for small stuff:

Give your 100 percent, if the task is not done, then don’t feel sad for small things. Let it go. Enjoy life with other opportunities which are coming on the way. Make a life which you have dreamt. Stop worrying about the people. Do what makes you feel happy.

10. Put your priorities on the list:

Make a priority list and work according to it. Don’t go beyond that. Devote time to relationships simultaneously with your work. A list where you, your relationships and work is important. Keep it healthy and nourishing.

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Swatilina Barik

Swatilina, a lawyer by profession is a die-hard music fan. She invests her time in reading books. She is a sports enthusiast and follows football religiously. She loves travelling and explore new things. She likes to express her opinion through her writing. Through Your DOST, she wants to reach the masses and spread awareness about things that matter.