BE A SAVIOUR: Signs To Identify SUICIDAL Tendency

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Suicide is a cry for help. It is when all the other options seem to be closed this is what most people resort to. But suicide is not a solution, it is an escape. One that seems to be the easiest resort. Most people who think about suicide do not actually want to die, instead want to stop the pain immediately. Identifying the signs and taking them seriously is the best and the most important step towards its prevention. Most people do not verbalize it but need help.

Here are certain signs that can help identify suicidal tendencies:

1. Talking about suicide:

Sentences like “I am a waste on this earth, I shouldn’t have been born”,  “I am a burden on my parents”, “I should die”, “I shouldn’t be living” are common suicidal talks that should be taken seriously. These can also include talks where a person has lost all hopes of the future.

2. Talking about death:

Death is not something that people want to talk about but if someone talks about death, killing, violence and even writes about it, it can be an indication that the person is having suicidal thought.

3. Saying good-byes:

Talking about the end and saying goodbyes to the people around as though they might never meet again is also a sign.

4. Self-destructive behavior:

One of the most observable hints is the self-destructive behavior. These could be previous attempts to suicide. It can range from cutting, burning oneself or any other form of self-harm.

5. Sudden calmness in behavior:

A sudden behavior change, one that leads to withdrawal and isolation can be a sign of suicide. Depression, losing interest in things they engaged previously and other chronic illness can add to negative thinking leading to life taking risks.

6. Putting things in order:

A person who is considering suicide might withdraw from the society and start putting things in order. They might visit their relatives, give their possessions, make a will or maybe wrap up a business.

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Swekriti Bhatnagar

Swekriti Bhatnagar is your special friend from YourDOST team. She is a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ University. She is experienced in dealing with adolescent and relationship related issues. She believes in the power of communication and that everyone has the ability to change. Through YourDOST she wants to help people vent out their worries and wishes to make a difference in the lives of people