Therapy Is for Everyone, Says Ishan – Read His Encouraging Story

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Therapy Is for Everyone, Says Ishan - Read His Encouraging Story

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”

These words by Greek Philosopher & Polymath, Aristotle, were uttered sometime in the 3rd century BC. Almost 2300 years later, these words still ring true and Ishan’s life is an epitome of that.

Ishan, 23, is a Masters student at the highly selective Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP). Ishan had gone through his challenges in the past, but they had never been too overwhelming. A demanding Masters program unfortunately changed that.

Sure, I had experienced some mild anxiety and stress in the past. But handling the stress of a masters program, to push yourself to work every day relentlessly while facing personal challenges, was something I never foresaw.

But Ishan wasn’t too convinced about the effectiveness of therapy just yet. He thought he would never need therapy in his life.

I never felt that I was pushed enough by the situations I was in to compel me to seek therapy. But after my friends who were in therapy spoke to me about it, I warmed up to the idea.

It is then that Ishan approached YourDOST. He booked an appointment with YourDOST Expert, Ms. Archita Sobti. He went in with no expectations or ideas as to how to go about it. It turned out to be a pleasant experience for him.

The therapist was great, and she guided me through the process by asking questions and giving me proper advice.

Over the next few weeks, Ishan and Archita dug deeper into Ishan’s life in a collaborative manner. Soon the insights started pouring out. His self-esteem had certainly taken a few hits. That’s where they started.

Since most of my issues stemmed from lack of self-love and self-belief, she talked to me about biases and errors that we make while concluding that we are not good enough.

Ishan reached out to yourdost for therapy

Ishan found himself putting some effort into being more conscious of mistakes in his judgment about himself now. But it became a fairly natural process eventually. He started seeing results too.

I saw a change in the way I thought about myself. I stopped thinking that I was worthless.

Ishan and Archita also worked on some residual trauma from his past relationships. As he puts it, therapy helped him understand the nuances of relationships and enabled him to distinguish between needs and wants. 

I never communicated my requirements in any connection; however, therapy helped me understand how important it is to do that, as the other person is not a mind reader.

He would feel un-empowered and thought that it was always the other person who had the last say when it came to ending a relationship.

I felt I never had that call to make to walk away. But therapy made me understand that I still have a choice – I can choose to walk away from something that I do not want, or something that I know isn’t right for me as it might eventually lead to a messy situation.

It might sound like it but it wasn’t always smooth sailing, but Ishan stuck to his guns.

There were several dips in the beginning, but I was determined to get better, and therefore I did. I would always question my decisions and disregard my actions. However, therapy made me realize two things.”

So what are they?


I made the right choices in the moment from the information I had and the kind of situation I was in,

and Second,

Whatever I did in the past is in the past, I cannot change it, but I can make sure that I pick up the patterns and understand how I should be steering my life from this point onward.

It has been a hell of a journey for Ishan. 

From a person who never accepted therapy as a solution to a firm believer in it, I’ve come a long way. Therapy is not just for people who have mental illnesses.

ishan got better

According to him, whoever wishes to understand themselves more and ensure that they become more resilient individuals, therapy is the way to go.

There was a quote in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: “Have two teaspoons of Felix-Felicis, and watch an ordinary day become extraordinary.” I’d say the same thing about therapy, even if you are living an ordinary life, you can choose to feel better about the tiniest of things by understanding yourself in a better manner.

We salute this warrior for sticking to his guns, and for being the mental health advocate that he is.

Is Ishan’s story something you relate to and would you like to give your life wings like Ishan did? We are right here for you whenever you’re ready. Connect with an Expert to unleash your best version.

Anisha’s Warrior Tips:
1. The past is not in your control. Learn from it but don’t dwell on it
2. Communication is essential in relationships
3. Therapy is for everyone

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