A Letter To Be Read Aloud To The Unhappy Self

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Dear Self,

How are you? I don’t have to ask you as I already know. You are unhappy. You are tired. You have been losing hope. You are going through a difficult time. What you thought was right has gone wrong. You have come to a realization that taking the road less traveled has left you lonely. You  are feeling miserable. But, you know what, it’s alright.

If you don’t feel unhappy now when you have reasons for it, when will you?

Bruised and hurt you are questioning every situation, every experience right now. But, once you’re done, get up. Get yourself moving towards a brighter day. Another day where you have all the chances you need to feel right. You have everything you need to fix the things you consider wrong. You have everything it needs to make yourself feel better and nice. You just need to look at a different mirror within yourself.

You might be thinking that you are blessed in a weirdly sad way – that worse things could have happened. But then let’s not think about what hasn’t happened. Let’s think of the best times you have already had. Let’s start looking forward to having more of them.

Acceptance will make you stronger.

You have had experiences which may not be happy but you have learned so much already. You have learned it the hard way giving yourself the evidence of your strength. You have been broken down many times because you could find no reason to stand back and move forward. But, you have got up and marched ahead. This has helped you mature. This is another experience and you will continue to mature.

Take your time, as much as you wish. I promise, there will come a day when you will no more hate yourself. You will be proud to have done something that left you lonely but gave you happiness at the end. Retain every little hope you have about the good times. Later, at a different time, when you reminisce about your life, you will see the good things that life has given to you. You would then be able to see beyond the layers of unhappiness that cover you right now.

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When you clean the stains of melancholy, you will remember the kindness, love, and respect you deserve.

You will be able to look into your eyes and feel comfortable about it. The fear of lower standards will no more distress you. You will be able to accept that neither affection nor people can be forced. If they do not want to stay, they will not. But without them too, you can love yourself and you should.

It’s not easy to go through the pain you are going through. But you have been strong till now, so keep going that way. You are loved by the right people already. Don’t look for people to fill the void within you. But don’t stop being open to love, positivity, and life. The process of becoming a better, self-needs you to continue to believe in all that you do.

Once in a while, stand in front of the mirror and smile. Look at the wonderful glow your smile brings to your face.See how your mood changes and how you feel positive even at this difficult time. Always rise every time you have had a fall. You may feel worthless now but there are people who value you and treasure you. Because your struggle’s successful outcome might become the source of their happiness. You gave them happiness even if you had to go through despair.

Finally, remember that you are lovable. You can love yourself. You can not let unhappiness rule over you. You need not look for motivation anywhere else when you have happiness hidden within you.

Always remember, your happiness matters and it is right within you.

With hope and love,


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