An Open Letter From a Fired Employee to an Abusive Ex Employer

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Hello Boss,

Let me get straight to the point. Have you ever tried to understand why that young, bright and ambitious employee eventually ended up appearing as a non-performer? Or why his faith in the company declined, as he spent more time in your company? Why did the excitement of the “Honeymoon Period” fizzle out and give way to an overwhelmingly frustrating phase of office life?

You might defend yourself by saying that it’s the very nature of work life and it is foolish to expect anything else from your workplace. But before you say that; here’s something you need to consider first.

An employee, no matter what, puts their efforts into achieving the goals of the job assigned to them or their department, and for that very reason, one calls them “human resource”. Now, just like any other resource at your disposal, the ‘human resource’  too could either be utilized to the best or it could be abused and thrown away as carelessly as possible.

So now you need to tell me how does ‘yelling’ or throwing around ‘abuses’ help employees do their job well? It may satisfy your ego, but it surely doesn’t reflect well on you, as you come across as someone who lacks humility and has no idea of how a professional should behave.

Expecting “Output” is perfectly normal since that’s what you’re paying your employees for, but the problem arises when you proceed to bully people to get “Results”. You know what gets results? Thorough guidance and basic human decency.

So, before you reprimand someone else the next time, pause for a moment and ask yourself this question –

Would I like it if someone spoke to me the same way as I’m about to speak to him/her?

I know that this letter may hardly bring any change to your perspective, but I’ll be happy if it manages to make you reflect for a moment before you sack someone because they didn’t perform well despite “Several Warnings.”


A Former Employee

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