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“I am stressed!” is becoming a very common dialogue in all our lives, then be it work related, studies or family problems. According to a report in 2015, 50 percent of corporate India is under chronic stress with 30 per cent having problems such as addiction and marital discord and 20 percent suffering from depression.

As per the World Health Organisation, 1 in every 5 persons (20% of the population) in India are said to be suffering from some form of mental unrest. But what are major causes that drives stress in us?

Through this quick 2-minute-survey, we at YourDOST are trying to find out what is causing stress in us Indians. Take this quick survey to contribute to this initiative of spreading awareness and finding ways of coping with stress.

If you wish to receive a report on the results of the survey, kindly provide your e-mail ID in the survey. Your information will be kept confidential.  

Also, as a token of appreciation for taking the survey, upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, you will receive a YourDOST voucher, to get 25% off on your first 45 minutes of telephonic counseling at YourDOST.

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