How Well Do You Sleep India? Take this 3 Minute Survey

1 minute

Did You Know? A study on sleep suggest that sleeplessness epidemic affects an estimated 150 million people in developing country. 

While sleep being a basic human drive, many of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one point or the other, and almost 4 out of 5 people complain disturbed , inadequate (or toxic) sleep. 
This is normal and usually temporary owing to stress and other external factors. But, if sleep problems are a regular and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from sleep disorder. 
Through this small 3-minute-survey, we at YourDOST, in association with PeopleHealth are trying to find out how well Indians sleep. Take this quick survey to contribute to this initiative of spreading awareness on the importance of sleep.
Your information will be kept confidential.
Also, as a token of appreciation for taking the survey, upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, you will receive a YourDOST voucher, to get 75% off on your first telephonic counseling session at YourDOST.

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