5 Tips to Get Over a Midweek Crisis

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You know, midweek crisis are especially bad. But here are 5 ways to get you to sail through to the ‘happy hours’ of the week, Friday evening.

1. Squeeze in some exercise

Though Monday is the most popular day to work out (early week josh), try and fit in a small walk or jog on a Wednesday. It will keep you refreshed through the rest of the week.


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2. Make yourself a special midweek playlist

Don’t listen to the same old, peppy Top 40 songs on Wednesdays. Instead, create a special midweek playlist: with all your favorite songs from high school! Listen to it on your way to work and it will instantly put you in a good mood!

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3. Give yourself a treat on Wednesdays

Maybe a nice chocolate, or sneak out during lunch and get yourself an ice cream. Just a little reward for you, by you, for getting through all these days and motivation for the next few weeks.

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4. Ideate

We are in a lethargy hangover on Mondays and we are too eager to go home on Fridays, so Wednesday is the best day of the week to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.

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5. Perfect time to review:

It is the middle of the week and it’s the perfect time to review and set goals for yourself. You’ve got work going on, but there’s still time left to improve, so run a quick review in the middle of the week.

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How do you beat the midweek blues? If you have any other ways, let us know in the comments section below! 

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