Why MBA?: 3 Important Tips To Answer This Question

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And then the 2nd Panelist asked: Why MBA?

Disclaimer: The below discussed method of answering Why MBA? it’s not the only way. But we do think it is one of the best methods.



Contrary to popular belief it is not the job of an interviewer to filter candidates. The essential filtering required to arrive at a good pool for selection is completed before the final step, INTERVIEW. The interviewers are then tasked with the job of finding those candidates among the pool who they think are good enough.

Keeping aside stress interviews (a topic for another day) the panel helps the candidate in all possible ways to prove himself worthy. So do not think of any question as an obstacle you have to overcome because, in reality, every question an interviewer asks you is a tool/aid for you to prove yourself. So before you think about how to answer a common question ask yourself why the interviewer has asked the question in the first place.

  • Do they want you to tell them about how MBA fits in your career or roadmap?

The answer to this question is Yes & No. Yes, if you already know why you are doing an MBA look no further and move to the last part of the article. No, for all those who are still unclear and look at MBA as an opportunity to open a new door for exploration. Please understand that at 20-something years you are not expected to have everything figured in your life. So, take a step back and retrospect, detail out what you have done so far. The significant points of your life and what you learned about yourself at each point. Tie in how MBA can fill in the gaps by providing you a management education, groom and expose you to a network of future leaders and of course helping you figure out yourself.

  • To Test Your Aptitude

While CAT has already tested your analytical aptitude in an exam scenario, all questions in your interview also test your aptitude in the real world in front of people.  


  • To Test Your Conviction

Imagine you have asked yourself the question Why MBA? Justify to yourself the financial cost, time & energy you are putting into MBA. What is the value-add that you are getting out of it? Most of us know: Why we want something but are often not confident enough to tell someone else. Sadly conviction cannot be proved without confidence.

Whatever your answer is you have to convince the interviewer you are confident enough about the answer. Convince the panel that you have made the decision to go ahead with an MBA in sound body and soul based on logic. And don’t forget what they say about Confidence – Fake confidence till it’s real! 🙂



Tuhin Akash is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta and a compassionate listener. He has 2 years of experience in teaching and mentoring students for various management exams and is passionate about career counseling. He feels that stress is one of the leading causes of depression, especially given the kind of race that students get into, at a very early stage. Through YourDOST he wants to increase awareness about mental wellness and wish to eliminate the stigmas attached in seeking psychological help.