What is Being Cool? Expectation vs Reality

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As much as I wish I could say it belongs to a certain age group, I somehow don’t get the heart to lie that brutal. The need to feel cool and put that to get a place with the cool ones in the particular niche is just every age groups disease. While the normal crowd around them call them the “wannabes”, they think they are walking the journey of their life as a cool person.

Stop Trying to Be Cool

And to be honest, I would say this piece of article will be the closest to my heart for I walk around every day in a campus of around 1000 people with more than half of them trying to look cool. I mean looking cool to them is to smoke, drink, try drugs, find a partner and all this irrespective of whether they are actually into it. You get to see a bunch of such people in every place who are called the popular group. And every “wannabe” wants to try and force themselves to do something that will help them get into this group. And all this for the attention they get.

Things have changed in the society so much that today we are ready to forgo mental and physical health and wellness over our choice of societal image. What we clearly fail to look at is becoming cool and loosing oneself and what you are cannot be all worth it.

Today we see teenage kids smoking and not half out of them do it to enjoy it. They convince themselves that every cool kid would enjoy it which means so should they.

Stop Trying to Be Cool-2

But of course a splash of reality will touch them at some point and I wish it is from me for the sooner the better. What makes you cool is hypothetical standards someone sets and trying to live by it would just make you their slave. Having a partner will mean you enjoy a connection and cherish the time you are together and this would never happen unless you let your heart feel and think. If a partner becomes a necessity then you are addicting yourself to the expectations of the society and that could be a powerful push down to who you are.

While the regular reasons to avoid smoking , drinking and other addictions are pretty obvious, they have much to suggest about your character especially if you fall for them to look cool. If all you can think of is looking like a stud before your girl, then may be stand up for her and not with a smoke. Nothing can make you cooler than being yourself. In the process of looking cool this way, your expectations get ditched. Because a group of people calling you cool for this cannot be all of it. Your expectation of looking like the cool buddy of your group is just too restricted to a small circle. Beyond the point, people who have learnt and are living lives consider you just as another person who has nothing of his own and lives for others words.

Stop Trying to Be Cool-3

Remember – there is nothing more precious to a person than his character and changing it for a small circle to call yourself cool, won’t do any good. So think before you touch your smoke or drink the next time whether it is really making you cool or just this society`s fool.


Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.