Video: The Different Side of Josh Radnor

1 minute

Josh Radnor, most of us know him as Ted Mosby from the series How I met Your Mother. But the real Rosh Radnor is way more inspiring.

He has worked as an actor, director, producer and also a screenwriter. Apart from being an incredibly talented artist, he is a very humble person.

When you are famous you tend to get enchanted by the attention you get from media and people. Stardom is a fantasy but sometimes it can be a misleading allusion. Celebrity depression is raging these days. Rosh believes that his actions are no longer limited to him it affects the people who follow him.

Find out Josh Radnor’s take on depression and fame:


Charmy Chitnis is a Physics Graduate from St Xavier's Mumbai. She loves to compose music and play guitar during her free time. She is a trekking enthusiast, likes meeting new people and trying new adventures in life. Being an avid writer, she wants to leverage YourDOST platform to convey her thoughts about mental issues with people.