Dogs Can Read Our Emotions

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IN BRIEF: In this post we look at the three main human emotions Dogs are good at understanding with remarkable ease. We also look into how dogs mirror your current mood or feelings.

Dogs are remarkable creatures. They are incredibly receptive to human emotions. It is true that they need to be taught a lot of things. But the fascinating fact is that when you teach your lovely pet the nuances of behaviour, it memorises your each and every reaction you showcase while you discipline it. This is why, we never need to repeat a lot of instructions once the dog is familiar with you and its surroundings.

Dogs Can Sense SADNESS In You

I am sure you have heard or experienced how a dog reacts to sadness on a human face. Dogs pick up on your expression immediately. They always tend to notice what you do, even when they sit on the couch or in a corner, the dog just keeps looking at you. Because you are the centre of his world.

Dogs Can Read Our Emotions

There have been many instances where a dog stops playing with his toys, curls up at his master’s feet, or near the lap, when he senses distress or sadness in the master. Dogs get influenced by your moods in a way, this is true. Though scientists believe that this does not prove that dogs show empathy, but, it does prove that pets react to human emotions in a remarkable way. That is why we feel so good while and after playing with a dog. They are amazing creatures, who have nothing but respect, admiration, and adoration for you.

Dogs Can Detect FEAR In You

Dogs are very much like humans in reacting to fear. Their hair stands up, pupils dilate, their stances change. A dog’s temperament is completely based on his master’s current mood. Dogs get incredibly influenced by the mood of their masters.

If you feel scared, your dog will immediately sense your fear. A dog’s sensitive nose can pick up on subtle scents, such as adrenalin, that he associates with fear and danger.

Dogs Can Read Our Emotions

Large number of animals share the emotion of fear. It is true that dogs “smell” fear, it is also true that they intuitively understand the body language associated with it.

Dogs Sense Your ANGER

Remember those initial days when you use to yell at your pet to discipline him/her? Do you still yell at your dog for the same reason? No, because, after a few times, dogs can immaculately sense your anger and it reacts accordingly.

Coming home from work and finding your dog chewing your beloved pair of shoes, put your hands on your hip and wear a stern look on your face, your dog can completely understand how you feel.

Dogs Can Read Our Emotions

A recent study found that dogs will display this behaviour when reprimanded even if they haven’t actually done anything wrong. It is clear that dogs can sense anger, but it is also clear that they can’t always understand its source.


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