Why You Should Listen to Your Heart!

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Our brain is said to be the one defining every action in our everyday life. But when it comes to taking critical decisions of our life people advise us to think from our heart. What does that mean? Is it possible to think from one’s heart?


Science says – Yes! It is a proven fact that heart is one of the first organs that develops in a fetus and 65% of it is made up of neurons. And it can also generate powerful electromagnetic fields, which change in relation to our emotions, greater than any organ in our body. That means our heart also plays a role in our perception of reality and it’s not merely a pumping device.

Do all those people who advise us to think from our heart know about this? Perhaps not, but what they usually mean by thinking from your heart is to give more importance to your emotions than rationale and logic. That’s why people with less or no emotions are called cold-hearted. You’re considered heart-broken when you’re affected emotionally by any relationship etc. Leaving aside the science behind it for some time, what does this mean to us?

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Critical Decisions:

While many suggest us to be analytical while taking critical decisions of our life, it may not prove useful in every situation. Because there are some situations where we should give more priority to our emotions than our logic. The best way, I say, is to use both your brain and heart. We should analyze the situation before us and gather all information to know how that decision affects our life. As it is true with numbers the more information you have more confused you grow. Just follow your heart.

Though we hear this phrase a lot it is often difficult to implement. It means after all the analysis you’ve done using your logical thinking you should allow your heart to guide you. Our heart harnesses the power of our emotions and draws us towards a particular side. Instead of ignoring it we should be completely confident about its ability to lead us in the right direction. It is the key to understanding our inner-self beyond logic.       


As it is the core of our inner emotions the guidance provided by our heart makes us feel a lot happier. You need not pull all-nighters to take one decision, instead, listen to your heart and follow the way it takes you. It is simple yet very powerful and helps us to lead a very happy & peaceful life.  

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