Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

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IN BRIEF: In this post we details the reasons why and how long distance relationships work, and the challenges it brings. We look into the essence of a long distance relationships in a warm way too.


Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Ventures are extraordinary and to a large extent when the individual you love is your landing place.Separation gives us an excuse to love unconditionally. You know you’ve found true love when you clench yourself falling in love with the one and the same person over and over again regardless of them being miles away from you.

In relationships, distance is not dignified in miles but in sentiments. Two individuals can be right next to each other, yet miles apart.When someone means so much,distance is nothing.

In a long distance relationship love is put through paces, doubted every day, yet it’s worth it. That is what makes the relationship so remarkable.Long distance relationships are stiff, but they’re also phenomenal.

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Reasons for Holding On to a Long Distance Relationship

Time difference has no hold on the relationship: Distance does bring time difference but you know it’s perfect when he is still ready to hear how terribly you miss him at 2AM, right in the middle of his sleep.

You are treated right yesterday, today, tomorrow and on your birthday: It’s your birthday but sadly, they’re not here to spend it with you. Despite that, they still make sure you’re treated like a princess, like you are to be treated on your birthday if they were with you. Then you get a huge bouquet of flowers, cake etc etc surprise after surprise. Even when it’s not your birthday, they still find ways to surprise you with signs that will give you a surety of their love.

The people in their everyday life know who you are: His gardener, neighbour and even the maid knows about you.This most possibly means that they’re not apologetic of you and talk about you. This also in all likelihood means that you both Skype frequently. So all is good.

They share their world with you: Even if they’re just going to meet his friends or to practice cricket, you always know and you get to see pictures and videos of the city and town they’re in. They show you the food they are eating, the bed they are sleeping on. Yes that’s worth sustaining.

They are reachable anytime: If you are freaking out over some test or presentation that needs to be done on spot or job interview the next day, they are always going to be there to serene you down and maybe throw in a stupid comment or two and help you recognise the best of yourself. Bottom-line is that they’re your best friend and will always be there at your rescue.

I’m not saying that your love, the person is flawless even if all the above viewpoints stand true, or that he/she doesn’t make the cut if they don’t meet all the above points. Somewhere deep down you would know that he/she is a keeper. If you are dating a keeper, keep them and don’t ever find reasons to let them go.

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