Importance of Communication In Love

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“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.., all the time, made new…” Amy E.Dean


“Love”, a word which takes us into a fantasy world; “Love”, a feeling which gives us butterflies in our stomach.  “Love”, a beautiful relationship between two people. We feel the hardest task is to find someone who will love us with all their heart; but when we find someone like that, we are sure of living life like a fairy tale, right? The truth is, it is easy to fall in love, but what is difficult is to maintain that love, which if done, will continue to give us that feeling of fluttering butterflies inside us.

Relationship is a connection between two souls, and therefore, communication plays a huge role in maintaining the bond and keeping both the souls on the same page of life. It’s not just exchange of words but also an exchange of emotions, feelings, ideas, desires and lot more. It is also a way to ventilate, something that keeps the spirit of a relationship high and positive.

In a love affair or in an arranged marriage, the courtship and honeymoon are considered to be the golden periods, and the couples are in the lovey-dovey phase but generally somewhere this over a flow of love vanishes within a year or so.

Have you ever wondered why it happens?

Well, to some extent it’s the decrease in the level of verbal communication and sometimes even lack of non-verbal communication too. We stop expressing our love to each other through the words “I Love you”, which earlier was an hourly affair, now doesn’t even finds its place on occasions such as wedding anniversaries.

We assume and make ourselves believe that the other person already knows how much we love them, so why tell? But we forget that re-assurance is a need for every human being and expressing not just re-assures but also makes the roots of a relationship stronger. We can’t read each other’s mind, and communication fills in these gaps.

Talking it out, expressing, ventilation is not the only way to communicate –communication also means listening. Listening is in fact, a very strong branch of communication because it makes the other person feel secure and heard. This gives assurance to your partner that they have someone by their side whenever life is tough on them.

Similarly, communication in a relationship doesn’t only mean always romancing with your better-half – it also means having an open communication about the difficult issues of life, family and friends or anything which is a reason for trouble in life.

What is more important than communication is how you plan to communicate or in what way you communicate with each other?

In this busy world, when you are stuck up with your 9am -5pm jobs, you can always choose to go out for a dinner date and have a nice discussion. In this way, you can catch up with each other. What is important is to take out time for each other which will definitely give a new spark to your relationship.

Here are a few things which you can probably practice on a daily basis to keep the communication going are:

  • Face each other when you talk to each other
  • Try maintaining a comfortable and soft eye contact
  • Appreciate and praise your partner for the things they do for you or for others.
  • Tell them about your disappointments and ask them the same.
  • Indulge in activities which you both find it to be interesting e.g. watching a movie, cooking, and long drives, etc.

The list of having and maintaining a good communication with your partner is never ending. But it is you who should decide what suits you and your partner the best. So come on, put on your thinking caps and come up with your own list. 

To sum it up: 

We all need to remember that communication is a key to any happy relationship whether you are a man or a woman. All you need is a peaceful life which is again connected to the type of relationship you share with others. So even if it has been some weeks, months or years since the time you have had a heart-to-heart talk with your partner, it is alright! You still hold another chance – just go and talk to your partner and give your relationship a new beginning.

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Shaifali Verma

She is Masters in Counseling Psychology and also holds a Diploma in Life skills and Reproductive Health from Christ University.She is experienced in dealing with adolescent , relationship issues, transgenders and psychological trauma in relation to cancer and health issues.Shaifali believes in teamwork, effective communication and spreading & sharing smiles.There's one philosophy that she lives by - There's positivity in each and everyone of us, which when tapped and directed correctly, brings out the best in us.Through YourDOST she wishes to spread smiles by letting people share their burden, bring out their positive side and make them feel empowered.