Why You Should Write A Blog

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IN BRIEF: Remember we used to write a lot when at school? What ever happened to writing, you may ask? We still write, each one of us, expect within 140 characters. In this post we look into practical reasons why Blogging or writing helps with self development.

Let’s be real, your level of effectiveness is not as much as it can possibly be. You live through another day but have nothing to show for it. Did you have an emotional breakthrough? Did you repair an old relationship or form a new one? No one knows. But one thing you do know for sure is that you don’t want to repeat past mistakes, but do you remember them all? Most probably not.

This is where journaling or blogging comes to the rescue. We all have epiphanies at times and we all learn some life lessons, but do we have an effective way of keeping a record of them all, to peruse when needed? Maintaining journals or blogs will help there too.

Let’s Evaluate Some Reasons On Why To Write A Journal/Blog


Writing is a power tool. Nothing clarifies your thought process more clearly then writing down everything that comes to your mind. It forces you to convert your thoughts into words, making you think deeper on any particular topic. Simply put, it gives your thoughts a real shape.

Crystallise Your Goals

We all have certain things we want to achieve in life, whether small or big. Writing them down or blogging them will help you be more clear about your life goals. And as you go about achieving your life goals, you can write about them too.

Shows Commitment

Like I said before, writing makes your thoughts real. We all dream about the small changes we can make in our everyday lives that’ll make our lives easier and better, but we don’t actually do much. If you write these thoughts down, it’s like making a concrete commitment to yourself.

Place To Plan

A journal or a blog is a great place to create a plan, which may be your life plan or even a small vacation trip. It may even be just you planning your daily tasks. Again, it’ll give your plan a concrete shape.

Jot Down Ideas

A journal or blog is a good place to write down the ideas that come to you. We all know that the best ideas come at the inopportune times, it’s a good thing to have a physical remembrance of them so you can work on them later.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Practice breeds perfection. This holds true for writing too. The more you write, the better you get. If you maintain a blog, it also gives you the advantage of gaining feedback or constructive criticism from your audience. You can always share your journal with someone for the same.

Arshi Gupta

Arshi Gupta is a young blogger who loves to travel to unexplored places to get a feel of different cultures. She is interested in reading, photography and binge-watching TV shows & movies. Though YourDOST she would like to share her thoughts to youth of the Nation.