Hilarious Things Pets Do

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IN BRIEF: In this post we look into hilarious things our beloved pets do. Ranging from a Seal to the man’s best friend, Dog.

Pets are adorable creatures. We make them a part of our families because they attract some of the qualities we like or miss. Like other members of the family, pets are hilarious too, some times stupid. Here are 6 such creatures for your delectation.

Chimp In The Bath

We usually prepare baths and make extra time for it because we need that soothing time in there. It is relaxing, exfoliating, and frankly therapeutic. But if you put a chimp in the bath, especially a curious one, it starts to play around. Chimps have this curious relationship with water. When they are jumping over streams and rivers in the wild, they don’t seem to pay much attention to water. But, you take them out of their usual habitat and put them somewhere nice and comfy, they go berserk.

Hilarious Things Pets Do

Cats Can’t Comprehend Flushing

Here’s another creature which has its reservations about water. I reckon cats are more curious than dogs, and they investigate their surroundings in an unusual way. If you place a weird looking object in front for a dog, chances are that it looks at it for a while and either tries to eat it or moves away from it. But, cats are different, they look at the object in front of them, hit it, swear at it (in Cat language of course), curse, and moves away. Look at how a cat reacts to swirling water in the toilet. This cat is as astonished as a Physicist is when looking at a Black Hole.

Hilarious Things Pets Do

Dogs Can Get Creepy

Dogs, when they get really comfortable, they lose all dignity. Cats are in a way more erudite in the way they walk, most of the times. I personally am a dog lover. I believe dogs have more character, they are more silly, more stupid, more fun, am I right? But, cat lovers would argue otherwise, and I do not call them wrong, certainly not. Can your cat do this?

Hilarious Things Pets Do

Sleeping Imbalance

Here is a rather adorable yet funny puppy trying to sleep and stay put simultaneously. It is like as though this puppy is reprimanded for some wrong doing. The magnificent nature of animals is the fact that they are not logical like us, they do use logic some say, but no where like the way we humans do. This is what makes them attractive. Even though they are not intellects nor well behaved, yet they make up for these missing traits with abject love and adoration towards its people.

Hilarious Things Pets Do

Goblet of Mice

In India, petting Mice is a rather seldom occurrence. The funny thing is that, India being a predominantly Hindu country, and most of its citizens worship Mice to be godly, yet we do not see many households petting these creatures. Mice can be quite hilarious in ways to induce laughter in us, especially the way they move, their housefly like reflexes, make us giggle, if not laugh for sure. Here are two such adorable pets trying to prove a point to each other by settling in a pair of goblets each. Look at how to try to reach each other, either to kiss or to exchange some sort of coded Mice message. Absolutely adorable yet funny, aren’t they?

Hilarious Things Pets Do

Adorable Seal

Ah, we don’t see many Seals (or is this a Sea Lion), I’m not sure. The main attractive feature of this adorable pet is it’s eyes. Look how big and doe eyed they are. They look at us as though teasing us saying “You love me don’t you?“. Terrific creature of the aquatic world these are. Of course there are Dolphins too which are resplendent.

Hilarious Things Pets Do


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