Your Pet Tells Your Personality

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The perfect companion one would look for is a pet. The energy around you is high and happy with these creatures around. They love you with all they have and become your best companion in the smallest time possible. All this while we have been thinking all pets have to do is with giving you company. But did you know your choice of pet can determine your personality?

People are drawn towards the idea of having a pet based on their lifestyle choices, personality and what they look for in their lives. Your choice of pets determines how you would like to put yourself in the world. Yes, by analyzing if you are a cat person or dog person or any other choice of pets you have, you can get to know your personality.

  • The Dog person – If you love your favorite puppy running around and enjoy every minute with them, you are a dog person. Your idea of a pet is a dog and that can determine your personality. You tend to be much outspoken and more agreeable than cat people. You are extroverted, more conscientious than cat people and the most fun to be around compared to other pet people. You are adventure loving and looking for excitement in your life.



  • The Cat person– *Meoeww*. Yea, being a cat person will mean you fall close to dog people in being the second most common pet owners. Cat loving people tend to fall under the creative category and enjoy being adventurous. As a cat parent you might be more prone to neuroticism and also anxiety. You tend to be emotionally sensitive and a great listener. Cat lovers are quite introverted and loves breaking rules.


  • The Bird person – As a bird person you are very social and easy going with lots of people. You tend to be more expressive than your dog and cat counterparts. As bird owners you are more dominating and having a strong personality.


  • The Reptile person – Clearly pretty unique, you guys are much independent too. It is hard to cuddle your pets and so it is to cuddle you. You like your space and keep distance from too much attention. Yet you guys tend to be less of the humor type and much of the analyzing-things-around type. Also kudos to your eccentric pet-loving style.


  • The Fish person– You guys are the ones with the best sense of humor and tend to be enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. You guys tend to be highly optimistic and very less materialistic.


The breed you choose, number of pets you like, etc. can make a huge difference. Accepting an animal as a part of your family is a huge deal and how you look at your pet as a part of your family matters. Your pet might be a way of showing the world what you like them to see you as. People like to make a statement to the world through their beloved pets. Your pet determines you!!

Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.