Is Having a Partner a Necessity?

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To be pretty honest I would just say we are currently stuck in the extremist world. We like to hold on to the either ends and no balance is ever seen around. The idea of having a partner is one such place where these extremist ideas are running around. But is having a partner all that important?


The first step would be to clear out your idea of a partner. I mean how you would like to describe your relationship with your partner. For some, it could be just physical and for some a step ahead with a much deeper emotional connection. For some, it could be a company to their lonely soul, for some a person share and care and for some a fun person to enjoy your time with. And this will change the way you will see them as a necessity or much like just another sort of company.

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Today we see most people fall in the category of taking partners much like a necessity. From teenagers to older people, the deal of being single has just not seeped through well. They see being single as a failure or much like an unacceptable status in the society. They think it is a test of their potential and their failure to be like the crowd. They have the urge to be accepted by the society and they are ready to choose partners with no actual value from their heart. And is that kind of desperation to get a partner real necessary?

Since old times having a partner is considered a gift. Whether you are just going out or getting married, a connection that keeps you together needs to exist and society needs to see you as a couple cannot be it. Sometimes you might not be the partner person but would love to put a one man show all life and you at first must get comfortable with the idea. A partner is much like a natural connection and unless you feel it you don’t need to rush to conclusions. 

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Looking at having partners as a social status needs to get drained from your mind. Sometimes all you might need is a good friend to share your thoughts with and that should do you good. Having a partner hardly has anything to do with your character or how people need to look at you. Falling prey for a bad partner and suffering the whole time cannot be all worth it. Also choosing your parent is your choice and if you choose none just make sure you don’t get forced from the people around you about it.

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To sum it up: Today when we see many separated relationships it is not always about losing the charm or energy in the relationship but in some cases not having any at all since the beginning. A good partner will be the one whom you feel is taking the position of an ideal partner in your life. And if you think there are no such positions vacant then it is of course your call. There can be no reason to having a partner other than wanting one. Because a partner is not a necessity.


Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.