Why And How You Should Personalize Your Work Desk

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We spent most of our time during the day and for some even at night at the workplace. To a result we consider our colleagues as second family and workplace as our second home. Therefore it is pertinent that we ensure the workstation to be a place of comfort. Depending upon one’s designation, for some it may be a cubicle and another, a shared desk with a teammate. Some may only have a pinboard to personalize and the area around the the monitor screen. However little the area is, personalizing it, marks it private and reflects the employer/employee’s personality to a certain extent. Here are a few tips to spruce up your space.


Desk-Photo Frames of Family/Work Group/Mentor

Desk decoration
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A driving force to remind us for whom we earn our bread and butter, also to motivate us each day and add some cheer, a family photo is a must. If you have a team that had good moments spent together a picture at a social gathering would be ideal.

Wall Frame – Favourite Location

Desk decoration

A picture that inspires you to think positively like a a picturesque scenery or even a painting. A fantastic piece of art always add the glam to your space.

Add Life – Plants

Desk decoration

For the green fingers, nurturing life is very important as it spreads positive energy around. A plant of one’s choice, or a small decorative vase to put a flower. One even had a fish bowl.

Stress Buster – Puzzles/Smiley Ball/Joke book

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For the reader, a light book always does the trick. And if you are not a voracious reader even a joke book can break the monotony of the day. A dictionary to help improve vocabulary, a few sheets of Sudoku or the crossword can help shift focus for a brief period.

Birthday Calendar/Motivational Quotes

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Some people like to start their day reading a motivational quote, which sets the mood right for work. A few like to look at a calendar with events, so you look forward to the next person’s birthday and reminisce the good times spent with them, not to forget wishing them on time.

Coffee Pot & Mugs / Tea Cups and Electric Kettle

Desk decoration

For those who spend long hours at their desk and rarely get to take a break, refresh themselves with making a cuppa coffee or a Chai break works best.

Pen Stand / Good Luck Charm

Desk decoration
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How often do we find ourselves borrowing a pen or a marker, own it ! To ward of evil eye, some have a laughing Buddha or the bamboo plant. Feng Shui is also seen at some places. An attractive box to keep your office stationery un-scattered.

Cushion inn

Desk decoration
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Its that one seat you call your own, make it comfy. For those who like a little support for the lower back, a small pillow works. For a soft bottom, add a cushion. Maybe a footboard to ensure your feet are well grounded and not hanging from the chair.

Emotional Aspect

Personalizing your workstation also helps us emotionally. Seeing familiar things around makes us comfortable and wanting to sit at that desk. You feel secure as it is the space decorated by you without having anyone to correct you. Having a bad day at work or things not going as planned, you tend to lose your temper but being your own space makes you feeling supported like a cushion. eg.It is better to read a bad report sitting at your desk rather than your boss’s. Performance at work is also better when you function from your own space rather than your colleague’s as you are more confident. A sense of stability is formed as you know you have to sit at one place and not keep shifting too often.

Effect on performance

Personalizing your workstation can help you function better at work, which in turn will lead to improvement. You can label your drawers or compartmentalize your folders and paper tray. Which in turn will keep your space clutter free and you can think freely. Also you become a little tolerant as you feel comfortable in your space. When you personalize your work area, you ensure that there are items that will aid you towards a positive frame of mind.


Candice is your special friend from Your D.O.S.T team. She has completed her Post Graduation in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T Women's University. She is experienced in dealing with with family issues, needs of special children, work stress, geriatric counseling and mild depression. She feels life is precious and at some point we do experience the different shades of it. Happiness is her quotient and she believes if you are a happy person you can automatically spread cheer. Her interest include meeting new people and knowing about their lives. She hopes to spread positive energy to people she comes across.