9 Tips to Please Your Tough Boss

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Waking up on a Monday morning is enough of a disaster and having to think of entering a tough boss`s cabin can be painful. Of course, not everyone loves their job but having a tough boss is like the cherry on the top, you just don’t want to enter your workplace ever again. But the situation goes particularly complicated for a passionate worker who loses his or her interest in working because of having to handle a tough boss.

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Handling a tough boss can be one hell of a difficult situation and here I am to help you with 10 smart tricks to keep in mind while you face them the next time.

  1. Before you start with the solution, know if a problem really exists: Sometimes it might be just a bad day or some particular circumstance that made you come to a conclusion that you have a boss who is hard to deal with. Observe their behavior over a period and try reasoning it from their position. If you think it was irrational in every way then step ahead to handle them.
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  2. Never try to pay back evil with evil: Remember to handle the entire situation professionally even in a difficult circumstance. This will create a good impression about you among others. Also know that your boss is going to want to make things more difficult for you, if you start to respond equally bad. So keep calm.
  3. Identify things in you that provocates your boss: Sometimes what they point out can be ridiculous because the real reason is hidden behind it and we need to see deeper to understand that. Try changing that thing in you, if necessary.
  4. Don’t let this affect your work space: Of course a bad conversation with your boss can get you to feel very low. But try keeping it aside so it does not affect that quality of your work.
  5. Meet the Timelines: Dont forget that time is of value in your professional space. Avoid delay in work, to not irk your boss.
  6. Never confront without evidence. There are times when things reach the brim but confrontation without any evidence would only mean you are going to end up making the situation all the more worse.
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  7. Maintain a good network: Keep your network outside and inside of work alive so you will have a chance to bid good bye once you find a better opportunity.
  8. Do Not Discuss or Argue about it with your colleagues: Never try to act smart or back talk with your colleagues regarding this issue. Of course they might be the ones to start it but it might just all end up on you infuriating your boss further.
  9. Handle your conversation with your boss`s boss carefully. You might be right but it might not necessarily convince the person enough to see your side.
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Don’t worry. Just tell yourself “All Iz Well!” 🙂

Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.