Our Inner Dusshera

4 minutes

Dussehra is the celebration of victory of good over evil. It is an allegory depicting the two halves of the human consciousness. We always take the characters and their disposition quite literally, forgetting the real meaning behind them. The profound tussle between Lord Ram and Ravan is regaled in meteoric proportions. We rejoice justice, without batting an eye lid. It so much has become a tradition and a norm, more than reasoning and common sense.

Through Our History

Many ages ago, intellects congregated to construct a list of guidelines based on common sense to protect the individuals and the communities at large. This wasn’t accomplished in one meeting or gathering, these commandments were more sort of peer review and addition to the collective knowledge pot. On a micro level, we individuals have always been fighting battles within to fight our vices and champion our virtues.


Our ancestors realised this inner turmoil and created allegories as reference to compare, learn, and possibly improve oneself. A human being, is a mashup of billions of creatures manifesting as one entity. We are made of materials and knowledge gathered from various sources, such as from genes we receive, knowledge we acquire. The battle between good and evil, the wise and the naive, takes place at a micro level. However, these inhibitions and battles are forged due to interaction at a macro level.

Our Attempt To Attain Perfection


We aim to be the perfect persons. Stop here, and read the previous sentence again. We aim to be perfect, but according to which definition, whose sign off? It is certainly not only your definition of being perfect. It is the society which largely defines and redefines GOOD and EVIL. This is why we struggle to cope and keep up appearances. Our dream of creating and living in an utopian world is what is causing this imbalance. What is perfectly simple and kind to me, might be the opposite to you. If we reach each other half way, then our principles get compromised. You see, at this juncture is where we are different beings in thought and flesh. We are not the same, yet we strive towards being a common virtuous insignia to the society.

Macro Vs Micro

There is disgust in our choice of expression when we witness a heinous incident. We curse and subject the evolution of human consciousness to abject cruelty, and rightly so. What we saw and define as unfair and ruthless at a macro level, is exactly what we do at a micro level. I agree that the effects at a micro level aren’t as gory as at the macro level. But, isn’t it the same, aren’t we all the same, barring the degree of action and reaction?


It is insane to compare, you, who wants your child to be safe, ahead of all other children, when you fight tooth and nail for inheritance with your siblings, to a bunch of terrorists blowing up a large contingent of people to gain acceptance into a falsified ‘paradise’. The difference between us and them mavericks is the constant battle within to overcome the negatives, and triumph as a positive being. And also that our wants and needs are pathetic and cute, while the so called soldiers of a book, be it of any religion, aim to shake our moral pillars.

A Profound Battle

This is the same battle fought between Lord Ram and Ravan, between The Dark Knight and the Joker, between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. It is the degree and the principles which vary, but the will, zeal, need to achieve remains uncanny and intact. We want men in society to look up to the principles of Lord Ram, and practice them, because this means good for the society, this is predictable. For once in a while there comes an anarchist who makes us question our own sanity. Question our morals, our beliefs. Well, this anarchist can be an out worldly entity, or a voice within. This is what Ram fought against, this is what he defeated, this is the victory we all celebrate.

Fight and win your battles and celebrate your inner Dussehra.


Santhosh is a lover of the English language. He has a scar on his forehead, which makes him belive that he is the Indian Harry Potter. He has been working in various fields since his teenage years. He has a Masters in English Literature, and an Executive MBA in Project Management. Santhosh is an avid reader of books on philosophy, self help, comedy, and fiction. His favourite authors are P.G.Wodehouse, Christopher Hitchens, and Jeremy Clarkson. He is a ruthless supporter of Manchester City Football Club.