What Will Others Think?

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The other day, I was encouraging my friend to wear her new scarf at a party. She was looking different; elegant and beautiful. She almost reached till the doorstep, tilted her head down, walked backwards and right into her room to change. I inquired her act and she said, “well, I’ll look so different. Everyone over there will be dressed in skirts and middies. Me in a gown with a scarf? I mean…it doesn’t suit the occasion really. Besides, what will others think I’m trying to pull off?”
What Will Others Think? How Many Times Have You Thought Of It? 
I personally have, innumerable times. Its kind of a social conditioning that we want people to accept us, praise us,etc. And to get all of that, we succumb to “what will they or others think?” So whenever you try to do something, society seems like:
Situation 1: Sharing particular song/image on Facebook.
Process: This is so cool.
But: What will my friends think? Doesn’t it look like I’m missing my ex? I don’t mean this but…It may look ridiculous.
Result: *Sit quietly and watch others news feed.*
Situation 2: Rules should be equal for both girls and boys.
Process: Let me voice my opinion.
But: No, wait. My relatives will think I have no manners. I might let my parents down by this act.
Outcome: *sits quietly nodding the head.*
I’ll tell you the secret to overcome this stigma. So who really is this society?
We make up the society. Its me, you, our friends, family etc. We all judge, pass comments, form opinions, do certain activities, all based on the way we are brought up, place where we are born, people we’ve had around us. What if I want to be like a Hat?

Do Our Gossips Last Forever? 
No, right? Basically, nobody cares unless you’re in their face. If you have to grow and when you make changes, maybe people won’t like it initially but if you stop yourself because of that then it’s completely your fault.

It’s scary you know. Scary to see how we can let other people define our lives. How we should behave, talk, dress, eat, think! We almost do things to please others. This way you are giving them the power to decide your worth! Tell me, how can anyone know your worth unless they’ve walked in your shoes?

If “what will society think?” is the case, then give them a good reason to think and sit in the audience to cheer for you in the near future because that’s what happens when you listen to your heart with introspection.

That’s freedom my friend. That’s life. That’s your ultimate level of performance. And, that’s what history teaches us. Take the case of Abraham Lincoln or even Einstein for that case. Look back to your own lives. Don’t be something defined by someone but respect them. Go out there now and fly!
“Others” always think whether its about your success or failure, but its your decision to whether to listen to yourself or others.

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Nidhi Sharma is from Mass media background and a sports enthusiast who is state level kick boxing champion. Apart from blogging she loves photography. Her motto is to help people stay happy and healthy especially mentally. Through Your D.O.S.T, she actually wants to be your dost in shining armor to aid you through difficulties.

Naairah Sharma

Naairah Sharma is inquisitive and treads the path to her heart. She is a student of mass media, journalist, martial artist, photographer, and a writer. She is currently freelancing to hone her skills. She loves to write, read, paint, sing, dance and SPEAK through all of them.