Celebrate The Difference

3 minutes

Difference is the spice of life. Although we never enjoy the same things around us over and over again, somehow repetitive personalities, activities and talents are the ones which are preferred by the society. To the society, being different is being rebellious. Somehow the same flavored food seems more boring to the society than the same flavored human beings. The way they pass rude judgments about being different is definitely a fact that will measure how open our thought process is.

“I want to become an artist when I grow up” said Claire as she painted one of the most beautiful portraits when she was 13.“Artists are beggars and that is not the kind of profession you can take up being from our family” said her father. Today after 20 years she works at an IT firm. When she graduated from one of the top listed universities in the country,her parents and family enjoyed a joyous moment. But then today after working as a professional in the field for over a decade she still hasn’t developed the passion she had for arts with IT.

It is wise to follow where your thoughts lead you, but sometimes it is better to take a step ahead for what your heart wants. Hundreds of passionate people with dreams have been crippled by the society and its thoughts about how what they don’t feel is different will have to perish. Not just dreams, but looks, actions and almost anything different is not right.

As a woman I face criticism everyday about what I wear, how I look, my friends circle, my approach to life, and literally every little detail that would hardly matter. It is so common for me to hear criticism when it comes to me talking about leading a single life. Yet, to me my ambitions and dreams for a better me matter more. And this transition is not a gift that happened on a magical day, but the fruit of a decade of effort to walk beyond their barriers.

Difference is your identity. You are an individual only when you are different from others. Else you just join the herd of narrow mindedness. You could be different in any way. It could be your thoughts,your color, your ability, your skills, your ambitions or anything else. Just compliment yourself for how blessed you are to be able to think and try different. Sometimes you might have to walk your path alone, but it is all worth it.

Greatest men from the histories are those who wanted to look at the world differently. They were mocked, threatened, suppressed and harassed. Yet today the same world that treated them like rag, is singing their praise. So let the world speak while you are enjoying your difference.

Imagine if you wake up one day and realize all you can see is black and white. If every color from your vision fades away suddenly the world seems nothing interesting anymore. Now, understand that difference is like those beautiful shades of color. Each one is beautiful, flawless and unique. And when you have the opportunity to enjoy these colors of your life, flaunt them. Don’t let yourself wake up someday in a world that the society made for you. Rather pave the way for the world to join you in yours.  Be proud of your difference! 🙂

Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.