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This is the story of a person who is extremely close to me. A person whose story is an inspiration to everyone. A person who left her sadness behind her and started a new life.

Her name is Sundari, the beautiful one. Sundari was born Into an orthodox family, to parents who raised her as the goddess of their house. Every thing that she asked for was treated as a command and was fulfilled immediately. Sundari was a great student and worked hard day and night to achieve success in academics and extra curricular activities. 

On finishing her school education, all she wanted was to study further and become a reputed professional. But her parents, who were very supportive during her school days, wanted her to get married and settle down. “You are already 17!” her mother exclaimed, while her father warned her,” don’t you dare embarrass me and my family name”. So , after many arguments, Sundari reluctantly agreed to tie the knot. Her parents found the so called”perfect” match and she was married off at the tender age of 17. 

At first, everything was perfect, life was like a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea and Sundari started to enjoy it. Her husband worked for a shipping company in the Middle East and made several trips there. He was loving and caring and showered her with gifts to pamper her. Three years passed by. The trips started getting longer. There was a point of time where he was with her only for a week every 6 months. Sundari felt that her husband was hard working and diligently provided for her. 

One fine day when she was clearing her husbands study table, she came across a letter addressed to him, from a woman who called herself his wife! Sundari couldn’t believe it .. Her husband, whom she had lived with for so many years had lived a double life the whole time , and she had been dumb and stupid enough to believe his fake stories. She wanted to punch herself in the face but thought that it would be more practical to confront her husband. When she asked him about it, he laughed and said ” Yes, So what?”. 

This brought out a rage in Sundari. A feeling she had never sensed before. She wanted to strangle her husband for making her feel this way, but tackled the situation in a calm and composed manner. 

She walked out of her husband’s house with nothing in her hand and never looked back. She used all the skills she had garnered in her childhood and adolescence to get back on her own feet. The insult and embarrassment she had faced acted as a driving force to achieve success. She left no stone unturned and did every job she could find to earn a few extra bucks. She slowly saved all the money she had earned and started her own academic consultancy firm. She had started her firm in the basement of an old building with two staff members. 

Today, she runs one of the biggest consultancy centers in the city with an office building of 15 floors that consists of almost five hundred staff members. This story is a true example of the saying “whatever hurts you , makes you stronger.” Sundari’s bitter experience made her realize what she is worth and made sure that everyone around her realized it too.


Dhruva Lakshminarayanan is a student of Architecture at the American University of Sharjah. Born in 1996, he is an ardent connoisseur of fine arts and culture. His hobbies include playing badminton and tennis, singing , dancing and reading. He has received many prizes and awards for his writing skills. Through YourDOST. Platform, he wishes to fulfill his desire of inspiring people to chase after their dreams.