I Am Not Able To Concentrate! (1)

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“I am not able to concentrate..” I know how you feel. Please read on.

“Successful people are not supermen, they are ordinary people but have focus and persistence towards pursuing their dreams. They surround themselves with positivity and other successful people.”
I know what it feels like opening a book or sitting in the class and not being able to concentrate and focus. I use to hate it, felt that I was not as smart as others, however later I discovered few things which helped me tremendously to improve my concentration.

Here are some simple tips which can help you if you are student, either studying in any college or preparing for entrance exams:      

  • Sit in first row
    Start sitting in very first row in classes. I know its uncomfortable if you are not used to. But that will help you in learning Concepts and retaining them. You are anyways wasting that 1 hour in that class!
  • Take notes 
    Take notes while you are in class. Pay full attention to the lectures and master the art of taking notes. Learn different techniques of note taking. There is something called mind map note. Research says when we listen and write, we learn and retain twice as much.
  • Revise
    Force yourself to just revise once when you come back to your room. It might just take half or a third of time to revise, but it does helps a lot
  • Group Study
    Find few more people who want to study and do a group study with them. Commit to others and you will be more focused. Remember when you were a kid, you had committed to other friends to play soccer or cricket, they would come and drag you to play with them even if you were not in a mood someday. Isn’t it?  Apply same thing to studies.
  • Focus
    Develop good focus and concentration. Listen to some meditation music, practice some deep breathing and concentration techniques. You can watch some techniques here

Take Breaks
    There are several researches done which says that the average attention time for human being is shortening. So take breaks and take a walk, so that your mind rejuvenates and is again ready to absorb and concentrate again
  • Condition your mind for the exam
    This is specially important for the entrance exam preparation. Take the practice exams in the same time of the day and week when the actual exam will be. Mentally, rehearse the exam environment so many times that when the actual exam day comes it will be very comfortable
 and you will not panic.
  • Get feedback and improve
    After the practice exams, get self-feedback and feedback from others and work on your week points
  • Self talk to program your mind
    Write in big letters in your room and near bathroom mirror something like “I like studying. I perform good in exams. I use my time effectively. I am very focused. I am a winner!”. Say it aloud many times (of course in private… ) and it will condition your mind to work in right direction.

I have followed this from my IIT preparation to, MS preparation and even I follow it now. It works! Hope it works for you too.


Dhirendra Sinha is Director of Engineering for Captora Inc, California. He has done his engineering from IIT Guwahati and MS from Texas A&M University, US. He is a father of two beautiful girls.He volunteers for YourDOST as he wants to help people through this medium.