You Are Not Alone

2 minutes


How did our expert helped Arun:
She told him how at times it becomes difficult to predict the outcome of exam – be it in school/college/university or competition like CAT but she also made him believe how determination and the knowledge gained from previous failures can lead to the pathway of success. 
No-one ever becomes successful without experiencing some kind of failure.

Failing in one exam does not make him any less intelligent than those who performed well and definitely not any less able to achieve what he wanted.

She pursued him do the close analysis of what possibly went wrong and how to cope up with the failure. Arun was then asked to analyze the alternate options too. 
Arun feared that he will never be able to bag the job that he always wanted. Our expert told him how wrong he was thinking — how he should never let such incidents force him into believing that he cannot  make his dreams come true. She aknowledged that sure it can be harder but that does not make them unreachable. 

Michael Jordan was not not even selected in the basketball team and now he is the best basket ball player the world has even seen.
Person is  not defined by an exam, or any one incident in life. It is too easy to consider oneself a failure based on limited evidence and pressure from society but that’s not the truth and one should not fall prey of such negative thoughts. This is just a phase, it will pass on and then it will not even matter. However, one should make the best use of this by identifying the areas of improvements and then making strategic plan of action for it.
Arun is now calm and actively looking out for a job in sales (his area of interest). She has identified his weakness and is focusing on improvising it.


Namrta is your special friend from YourDOST Team. She has over 8+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist, currently working in Canada. Prior to moving to Canada, she was working as a psychologist for IIFT College Chandigarh.She has done her MSc Psychology from Punjabi University with specialisation in Clinical, Child Psychopathology & Counseling Psychology