How Anu Battled Depression And Gave Wings To Her Dreams

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Anu*, a 28-year-old, is an Engineer by profession. She always dreamed of becoming a Pilot and is now receiving formal training for the same. But her life hasn’t a been fairy-tale, full of success and happiness.

Anu has been a brave Depression Warrior

For the past six years, Anu has been fighting a fierce battle against Depression and Anxiety. She’s still not sure about what triggered the onset of her mental health woes. But it has been a fierce and lonely battle for her. She felt as if she was surrounded by darkness, negativity, and anxiety. She felt lost as she could not cope with the lifestyle that others expected her to lead. Even completing small tasks eas tremendously burdensome for her.

These demons inside me are very hard to fight. Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting with them daily, every second of my life for the past 6 years

People around her never understood her condition and assumed that she was just lazy and imprudent, which further aggravated her condition. She was always paranoid about everything. It destroyed her relationships, and her friends drifted away slowly. For six years, she would cry almost every night. She felt as though she was standing in the middle of the world, all alone, and even contemplated suicide.

I felt so lonely that I would start feeling suffocated even if I sat with just 2 people

In spite of all this, the only thing that kept her going was fulfilling her dream of becoming a Pilot. Negative people and bullies made her journey tough, but somehow she managed to keep going.

Music and Sleep were the best and easiest ways for her to escape from the real world. She believes that these two things saved her life and helped her heal. She urges people suffering from depression to fight back for the sake of their dreams and their loved ones. She also wishes that the society became more aware of and empathetic towards people who have a mental illness.

This journey would have been less painful if I had found more love and compassion from the people around me

*Name Changed

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