Her Mother’s Critical Ailment Crumbled Natasha’s Happiness

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Natasha’s mother was diagnosed with an organ failure. Natasha was forced to quit her job and take care of her mother. She had started to feel lonely.

“My mother battled organ failure for a few more years just to see me become successful and get married.”

What made things worse was the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her. Now she had to deal with a break-up and a ruined career while taking care of her mother. Her boyfriend was the only ray of hope in her life. The only person who could pull her back to life was him. But he walked out of their relationship because he wasn’t able to handle her.  


“My boyfriend cheated on me. He even had the audacity to give me a silly excuse that our long distance relationship wasn’t working out.”

In a span of 2 years, her life changed from perfect to miserable. After suffering for months together, she finally decided to take matters into her hands. She realised that she didn’t have any friends and that socialising was the only way forward. So she joined an NGO. There she met a girl who had gone through the same trauma that she had. Her immense courage and support helped her open up to people.

“I now believe that some people leave to make way for better things to happen in your life.”

She sought professional help online and also read a lot of psychology related books. She asserts that she isn’t perfect even now, but her past no longer affects her.

Disclaimer: Name changed to protect identity

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