CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

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CAT is very tricky, isn’t it. It is hard not be confident even after thorough preparation, because there is too much information you need to shove into your brain. But, we humans are good at focusing, analysing, and working effectively to achieve the desired outcome. Here are some points about CAT preparation and execution.

CAT Has Two Sections:

  1. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
  2. Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning

The challenge is to sequentially answer the sections, meaning:

  • You begin with the first section, finish it and move on to the second section
  • Mind you, you cannot revisit the first section. Once done, is done

This will affect your strategy of answering. You have to take them all at once.

Since the test is upon us soon, there is no point in spending a tremendous amount of time to chart down various strategies and tricks. However, there are certain, must-do aspects which you can concentrate on to effectively and efficiently revise and prepare. Here is what you need to do:

Be A Magnifying Glass

In order to set a piece of paper on fire using a magnifying glass, you have to focus the lens in the optimum direction underneath the Sun. This is exactly how you need to approach your final moments of revision.

CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

  • Focus on the relatively easy and tough section methodically while preparing. But, remember you have to attempt the Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation first
  • Prepare yourself to tackle this section first, psychologically.

The Devil Is In The Details

CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

Like how a professional shooter concentrates on two important aspects, Hand-eye co-ordination and wind resistance, before firing the bullet, you have to analyse and pay immaculate attention to these two factors during your preparation:

  • Sections of Strength And Weakness
  • Improving Speed And Accuracy

What To Do:

  1. Identify your areas of strength and weakness
  2. Dedicate a little more time to curb your weak spots
  3. Glance through the sections of strength with ease
  4. MOCK TESTS: Taking timed mock tests will help you scrutinise every aspect of test taking; Strength, Weakness, Speed, and Accuracy.
  5. At the very end, on the eve of the test, concentrate on the sections you are good and confident about. This is to maximise scoring opportunities in the areas you are good at. This is like playing your best card at the end.

Time Is Of The Essence

CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

CAT is about time limits, no matter what anybody says otherwise. Sure, you have put your brain to test in various ways, but everything is time bound.

Time limit squeezes the best out of you and improves decision making skills. There is no BS while taking the test.

During Preparation:

  1. Divide your study time smartly between sections of strength and weakness
  2. Take adequate breaks to relax and gather your thoughts. Exercise, meditate, do what puts you at ease
  3. No last minute scouring. I MEAN, LITERALLY LAST MINUTE.

During Exam:

  1. Less choice for strategy here. Take what you get, give what you have. Simple as this
  2. Relax: take deep breaths, do not get overwhelmed, read slowly, think and retrieve information from the brain smartly.

Last Piece Of Suggestion

Taking tests is not difficult or even challenging to any of us. Haven’t we taken enough of them since first grade? Of course, we have.

But, what makes it difficult is the consequence of our EFFORTS, INTELLIGENCE, and OUTCOME. These are the factors which make us or break us. The good thing is:

  • You Are Smart: Appreciate this and be confident
  • You Are Prepared: This instills a calm demeanour
  • You Cannot Influence The Outcome: Take deep breaths


We do not wish you GOOD LUCK. We wish you to make your OWN LUCK.

CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

CAT 2015: Last Minute Preparation

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