5 Last Minute Tips To “Bell” The CAT

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With less than 24 hours for the Common Admission Test (CAT), you must have been sufficiently prepared yourself for it. You must have watched our webinars and followed the tips from there. While you still have some time and you feel you need some last minute tips,

So here we are, 5 tips for you:

  • Stop studying now!

You have worked hard till now and there’s no need to study anything more. You won’t be learning anything new in the last minute. Studying will only make you panic and you may even black out. So, stop studying now!

  • Relax!

You need to have a good night’s sleep so that you can concentrate tomorrow while writing the exam. You don’t want your efforts of so long to go in vain just because you didn’t have time to sleep. Stressing over things will not help you now. So you need to relax!

  • Don’t forget to carry all the documents!

You need the right documents to even enter the exam hall. Keep your admit card, original and a copy of an identification proof. Without these documents, all your efforts can go in vain. So don’t forget to carry all the documents!

  • Know the test location well!

Make sure you reach the test centre at least 1.5 hours before time. There are several stops for checking at the centre so you don’t want to be late. Also, a map with travel directions is available for all test centres on the CAT website. Do check the travel time and traffic conditions in advance. You don’t want to be late because of the traffic jams so know the test location well!

  • Trust yourself!

Last but not the least, don’t believe anymore last minute tips to study. Nobody can really give you a “tip” on the test day which can improve your performance. Be confident about what you studied. Also, know that learning anything new will only confuse you now.  

All the best!

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