Rising Strong From Shambles: Nisma’s Victory Over Adversity With Therapy

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T.W. Mentions of Suicidal Tendencies.

Nisma, a 32-year-old Marketing Manager in an Ed-Tech firm, has a story that encapsulates profound loss and significant triumph. 

She lost her father the previous year and is currently living with her mother and sister.

Growing up in a joint family in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Nisma navigated the typical constraints of a conservative upbringing. She had a safe and secure childhood, but as she grew up, the restrictions on her social life grew as well. 

She found liberty only after bagging her first job in 2011 and has 11 years of corporate experience under her belt.

“I found joy and expression in hobbies like working out, music, drawing, painting, and writing, though it has taken a backseat in recent years.”

“I came across some emails from YourDOST in my official account as my organisation had a partnership with them as their official mental health partner. This was in 2020, and I have been in therapy since.”

Here, Nisma met Ms Jennifer and chose her to be her therapist hereafter.

“Jennifer is an active listener. She never interrupts when I talk and understands the whole story before getting into solutions.”

Jennifer helped Nisma understand the numerous emotions that were tangled in her thoughts and helped her learn about each of them. Nisma got the answers to all her whys and hows from her therapist and retrospects with her. Nisma describes Jennifer as a therapist who knows her way around mental health concerns and brings a set of strong techniques with her.

“I got married with all pomp and show in 2021, but the marriage lasted only 4 short months.”

Things took a tumultuous turn ahead as Nisma was unaware of the fact that her new husband suffered from IEPD (Intermittent Explosive Personality Disorder). She had a brief courtship period of 3-4 months which did not reveal the severe underlying issues that would soon surface.

The relationship exposed Nisma to extreme emotional and physical turmoil, pushing her towards depression and suicidal thoughts. She sought psychiatric help and was on medication for 6 months until her divorce was finalized.

“My divorce procedures ended after 2 long years, and the year I got divorced, I lost my father too. I did not get enough time with him to share my emotions and concerns.”

Nisma turned to Jennifer for professional help and she was asked to do some techniques that would help her mentally.

“Jennifer would make me name each of my emotions loud and had me tell the reason for the same. I had a disturbed and hectic schedule where I did not eat, or sleep at times and she understood the schedule and helped me with that.”

Nisma was advised to do exercises like the 54321 technique to regulate her emotions and culminate patience in her personality. She was also introduced to box breathing and deep breathing exercises to help her overcome the surge of emotions.

Moreover, Jennifer helped organize Nismas daily schedule to manage work, physical health, and rest, fostering a routine that promoted overall well-being.

“She helped me take care of my basic things like keeping myself hydrated at all times.”

Jennifer’s techniques had a transformative impact on Nisma’s life. The anger and frustration that once overwhelmed her began to subside significantly. 

The techniques she learned helped manage her emotional turmoil and improved her relationships with her mother and sister, reducing conflicts and enhancing understanding within the family. 

Gradually, Nisma learned to accept her status as a divorcee and started discovering herself. 

“I was still grieving my father, but she helped me redirect the energy into different aspects of life and slowly I took control of my life.”

Reflecting on her journey, Nisma feels immense gratitude towards Jennifer, whose expertise in handling severe mental health issues was invaluable. 

“I wouldn’t have been here today if not for Jennifer and I’ll be indebted to her forever for being there for me.”

Jennifer’s guidance helped Nisma emerge from a state of severe depression and suicidal tendencies without the need for medication. Her therapist’s ability to tame her mental beast provided Nismaa with timely solutions and new habits that now support her daily life.

“I’m in awe of her maturity in handling serious concerns like mine, and sessions with Jennifer have become a habitual routine in my life.”

Nisma rates herself a golden ⅘ in terms of feeling better, and she pictures her improvement as being able to do everyday things and being stable and available, without having a surge of negative emotions.

Today, as Nisma continues to grieve her father’s passing, she also celebrates the personal victories that have defined her in recent years. Her story is one of resilience, a testament to the power of professional support and the strength that comes from within to overcome life’s unexpected adversities. 

We at YourDOST are honoured to share her story as she is a fierce warrior who survived the biggest storms. All the best Nisma!

Nisma’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Don’t quit and don’t give up. It might take a lot of time but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”
2.“Be easy on yourself. Take breaks, get away from the hustle and come back again with confidence.”

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