Sumit’s Journey to Emotional Wellness with YourDOST

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West Bengal, a vibrant state in eastern India, is a mosaic of rich cultural heritage and historical depth. Famous for its artistic achievements, it’s the birthplace of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, symbolizing India’s literary and intellectual prowess. Kolkata, the capital, exudes colonial charm blended with modern vibrancy. 

The state is celebrated for its grand Durga Puja festival, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and communal spirit. 

Culinary delights like rasgulla and fish curry reflect its diverse gastronomy. West Bengal’s blend of traditional art forms, from the Baul music to intricate Kantha embroidery, encapsulates the essence of its cultural richness and diversity.

Sumit, hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, found a new chapter in his life in Hyderabad, where he works for Virtusa. After completing his MBA from XLRI, he now juggles his professional life with his personal life, living with his wife and four-year-old daughter.

A cricket enthusiast, Sumit loves everything about the game, from playing to discussing the nuances of each match.

“It was my quest to conquer my inner turmoil that led me to counseling.” 

Struggling with anxiety and anger issues, he realized the need to seek professional help. His journey with YourDOST began as an endeavour to gain control over his emotions and lead a more balanced life.

In the beginning, Sumit found it difficult to open up. 

“Sharing my deepest issues felt daunting. I was reserved and unsure about expressing my true feelings.” 

This reticence posed a challenge in his early counseling sessions.

Sumit’s connection with YourDOST started through XLRI, which had a subscription with the organization as its official emotional wellness partner. This access provided him with an opportunity to explore the benefits of professional counseling services.

His counselor introduced Sumit to various techniques to help manage his emotions. Breathing exercises, journaling his thoughts, and incorporating morning activities into his daily routine were some strategies suggested. 

“These practices gradually became integral to my life, helping me approach situations with a lighter heart and reduced anxiety.” 

The impact of therapy was profound. 

“My panic episodes ceased, and the intensity of my anxiety and anger diminished significantly.” This newfound calmness allowed him to stop overthinking and focus more on the present and future.

Sumit’s journey through counseling brought about remarkable changes in his life. “I feel like I’m living anew. The heavy chains of anxiety and anger that once held me back are now gone,” he says with a sense of relief. His ability to manage his emotions more effectively has led to a more fulfilling and focused life.

Expressing his gratitude, Sumit acknowledges the pivotal role his counselor played. 

“I’m deeply thankful for the guidance and support I received. It was a transformational experience that I will always cherish.” His counselor’s understanding and effective techniques were key to his emotional growth and well-being.

Sumit’s story with YourDOST is an inspiring example of how professional counseling can lead to significant emotional and personal development. His journey from struggling with anxiety and anger to finding peace and focus is a testament to the power of seeking help and committing to change.

“YourDOST not only helped me overcome my struggles but also equipped me with the tools to face life’s challenges more confidently.” 

Sumit concludes, looking forward to a brighter, more controlled future.

His experience serves as a beacon of hope for many facing similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of emotional wellness and the transformative impact of counseling services like YourDOST.

Sumit’s Warrior Tips:
1.“If you are taking a session always pay attention to what the professional says. The initial sessions are hard and may be time-consuming, but never discontinue. ”
2.“Therapy has surely worked wonders for me and all that matters is how open are you to experiencing it.”

Team YourDOST

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