Rajakrishna Increased His Productivity With These Easy Hacks

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Rajakrishna Increased His Productivity With These Easy Tricks

Third-wave! These mere words don’t sound so alien now, does it? With each passing year, we’re getting more and more away from being pandemic free. With each year, we’re all facing new challenges and combatting new battles. 23-year-old Rajakrishna was also fighting a similar battle – a battle against time and productivity.

Working as a Mentor at World’s largest Ed-tech company, Byjus, Rajakrishna is a people’s person! He loves to try out new things in life, reads books, does many side hustles and calls himself an extrovert. Rajakrishna has been associated with Byjus for the past year. Living a decent life in Andhra Pradesh, Rajakrishna never faced many issues in life, until COVID struck the world.

“I have been facing major issues with productivity and time management for quite some time. I was aware of the issue but didn’t know the steps to overcome it.”

Rajakrishna has been associated with Byjus for the past year.

Being the self-aware individual that is, Rajakrishna wanted to seek counseling, to reflect on his issue and get actionable suggestions to improve his productivity. Rajakrishna also decided to be a more task-oriented person, as his work at Byjus demanded him to be on-the-toes always.

“I came to know about YourDOST through Byjus. As I was in search of an outsider’s perspective to help me resolve the issue.”

Rajakrishna got connected with a counselor from YourDOST through the video option, but things didn’t go as he planned. Without wasting any time, he tried connecting again with a counselor, this time, via audio calls. Rajakrishna’s counselor asked him many questions about himself and the overall work, to understand where and how his productivity can increase and time management can get better.

“My counselor asked me many questions before providing any half-cooked solutions. I was clueless about the concept of therapy but now I know how effective it can be.”

Rajakrishna considers his counselor to be extremely professional, patient and a great listener. To help him with the productivity issues, Rajakrishna’s counselor guided him to incorporate a simple trick of using Post-it notes (Also known as sticky notes) to jot down important tasks and align time with it.

The counselor also guided Rajakrishna on how he can plan the day and reward himself after completion of each task. This technique is known as Positive Reinforcement.

The counselor also guided Rajakrishna on how he can plan the day and reward himself after completion of each task.

Positive reinforcement is the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering a reward when the behaviour is exhibited. 

“I’m highly grateful to my counselor for hearing me out and helping me with increasing productivity and managing my time better.”

Rajakrishna now knows how to communicate his feeling and issues better and he extends his gratitude to the counselor by saying, they are actually determined to solve the issue and not just there for the money.

In a fun rapid-fire round with YourDOST, Rajarishna rates his overall improvement a 3 on 5 and summarises his journey in one word – “productivity”.

All of us at YourDOST wish Rajakrishna the best for his future endeavours now that he knows how to plan and manage his day like a boss! 

Rajakrishna’s Warrior Tips:
1. During the pandemic, everything was messed up and even at that time, there were many problems. But still, there is a solution by virtually connecting with any counselor from YourDOST.
2. We are only humans, so it is okay to have issues but very important to address them and vent out.

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