Swapnil Found a Way Out of the Woods With Therapy

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How Swapnil Finds a Solution to His Problems Through Therapy

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” – Steve Jobs

Everyday problem solving involves examining the solution that individuals generate when faced with problems that take place in their everyday experiences. When efficacy is defined in terms of the diversity of strategies used, as well as by the social and emotional impact of solution choice on the individual, performance is remarkably stable and sometimes even improves in the latter half of life.

“Sometimes we know the solution to our problems, but by finding the right mentor, we can identify the same.”

Born and brought up in Nagpur, Swapnil is a 25-year-old person who has always been highly motivated in life. He completed his schooling in Nagpur and later moved to Mumbai for IIT-JEE coaching. Later he decided to appear for UPSC coaching for which he took up coaching again alongside his college studies. Swapnil spends most of his time in the library and enjoys Netflix as a refreshment.

“I was going through a couple of personal problems and I needed to get an insight into them.”

Humans, essentially, are driven towards the betterment of themselves each day and try their best to find a solution. Swapnil did not want to bear the pain in silence. Instead, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Swapnil was aware of YourDOST as his institution’s emotional wellness coach and so he decided to seek professional help from a counselor.

Swapnil got connected with Ms Shritica Joshi, a counselor from YourDOST and started his counseling journey via chat sessions. Swapnil was aware of the fact that his problems needed many solutions and those cannot be solved by mere chat session, so he decided to have the sessions over audio calls with his counselor.

Swapnil did not want to bear the pain in silence.

“To deal with my issues, I was taken through various techniques. Mostly, the issues focussed on dealing with my self-improvement.”

Swapnil was awestruck by the techniques suggested to him, as he finally had a way to overcome his personal problems. He was suggested to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness helped Swapnil be more self-aware and conscious about his actions. Though Swapnil feels other techniques could have worked too, he still firmly believes in the power of mindfulness.

As the sessions proceeded, Swapnil was advised to observe things around him deeply and note them down. This was how Swapnil started to learn to form a connection with his present more than sticking to his past problems. These mindfulness exercises helped him to be more self-aware and also how to be aware of things going around him.

Swapnil feels that the counseling process gave him a safe space which let him be completely himself without any filter.

“Whenever I felt sad or depressed, I was suggested to be mindful about everything like how I would react and what could be the consequences of the matter.”

Swapnil feels that the counseling process gave him a safe space which let him be completely himself without any filter. He was able to be open to any kind of discussion and it made him comfortable.

Swapnil thanks his counselors for helping him so far and he validates it by saying that he will remember the techniques taught to him in the long run! Swapnil rates his overall improvement through counseling with a 3.5 out of 5.

From all of us at YourDOST, Swapnil, you’re a true mental health warrior and we wish you the best for future adventures!

Swapnil’s Warrior Tips:
1. Sometimes we are not able to discuss all our issues openly. It is very much essential to reach out for some help.
2. Many times we feel that it’s not comfortable to express our emotions, but it is utterly necessary to do so which can be in front of a counselor or a friend.

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