Don’t Bury Emotions. Let Them Flow – Akanksha After Therapy

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Akanksha finally started displaying her emotions to the fullest after seeking therapy.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” – Oscar Wilde.

Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Bangalore, 21-year-old Akanksha pursued Communications for her undergraduate degree. Akanksha has been working as a Content Developer for the past year. Just like her job role, Akanksha was always inclined to a creative side in her life. This led her to launch her side business in jewellery design. Akanksha has a nuclear family and she aspired a lot from her life.

“With the outbreak of Covid-19, I started feeling directionless. I needed insight into the ocean of emotions piling up inside me.”

The pandemic led everyone to be confined inside their homes and same was the case with Akanksha.

The pandemic led everyone to be confined inside their homes. The relationships strained as everyone with various opinions had to find their peace inside one roof. Akanksha couldn’t find an outlet for her growing emotions as there was no scope of stepping out of the house without a pre-planned preparation for the same. The atmosphere was suffocating and that made her feel trapped. She wanted to widen her perspective in such a way that it was healthy for her mental health.

I believe that life goes on and certain problems that might be important right now might not be that straining later.”

As Akanksha tried speaking it out in front of people, she wasn’t able to find a proper solution for the same. The constant confinement had started to hamper her communication too. Soon. Akanksha got to know about YourDOST who was associated with her company and she decided to seek help. Akanksha was open to the idea of counseling and believed that she might get an unbiased opinion regarding her emotions.

Akanksha tried speaking her emotions out in front of people, she couldn't find a proper solution for it.

“It is not necessary to attend therapy if you don’t have one big problem in your life. It is okay to go for it just for some self-improvement.”

Akanksha got in touch with a counselor who suggested that she take out some time every day to write down her feelings. She also was given clarity on how relationships worked. Akanksha was introduced to a whole new perspective about relationships as well as herself and got aware of how points of view can differ from one another.

Akanksha’s emotions were gradually falling to a tangible form.

“It’s nice when suggestions and opinions come from a stranger because it is not biased.” 

Akanksha extends gratitude to her counselor by mentioning, “Whatever she said didn’t feel very generic and it was very apt.” Akanksha’s emotions were gradually falling to a tangible form.

Growth and hopefulness are the two words that drive Akanksha now! Akanksha rates her overall improvement through counseling in terms of growth with a 3 out of 5. We, at YourDOST, appreciate her courage as she believes that there is room for improvement.

Akanksha’s Warrior Tips:
1. Going for therapy is not a way to conclude that you’re not capable in any manner. It just helps us be the better version of ourselves.
2. If you need help, just go and ask for it!

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