Broken Trust Doesn’t Signify Broken Spirit – Shubham

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Broken Trust Doesnt Signify Broken Spirit - Shubham's Story

TRUST – This small five letter word holds more power than any other emotion. It has the power to make or break a relationship and the power to see the true colours of an individual. For 19-year-old Shubham, trust has the utmost importance in life. Despite being only nineteen years old, Shubham is confident with what he wants from his life and is enthusiastic about meeting new people.

“I love to listen and give advice to people. I love making connections. I have worn many hats throughout my school and college life, too.”

Shubham has many connections all around the globe, where he talks with them, guides them and grows, collectively. Shubham is also the founder of a consulting firm where he, along with his other peers, consult small businesses and startups. Such an inspiring work, isn’t it? Along with all this, Shubham is also always learning something new about himself, and so, he got connected with YourDOST for a session on career counseling earlier last year.

“I have known YourDOST for a long time. They helped me with career counseling, and I was very happy with the result. I didn’t go for other sessions until something drastic happened in life.”

For someone like Shubham, trust is the most important aspect of any relationship and he respects it nevertheless. Shubham’s life took a turn when his sister-in-law betrayed his brother and asked for a divorce. Shubham was emotionally attached to her and so, when the news broke, he too, broke down. Shubham was confused and alone – he didn’t share it with anyone but the incident took a major toll on him. 

For someone like Shubham, trust is the most important aspect of any relationship and he respects it nevertheless.

“I had to take care of everyone in my family. Everyone told us to not feel bad and that it was the girl’s fault. But I couldn’t see anything beyond the broken trust.”

The taunts and unsolicited advice from people around him, made Shubham frustrated and irritated. His thinking abilities were drastically reduced, his behaviour was changing day by day and all in all, he just had a disturbed mind which needed to be sorted.

As if the emotional trauma was not enough, it was placement season at Shubham’s college and he had to be mindful there, too. With the ongoing burden of broken trust, it was getting tougher and tougher for Shubham to focus on his academics too. He shared his concerns with his friends and felt better for the time being. But deep down, Shubham knew that counseling is the only way he can completely understand the root cause of his behaviour and the mindset. Without wasting more time and mental energy, he contacted YourDOST and scheduled an appointment with counselor Ms Malavika Prakki.

It was a difficult time for Shubham to build trust again, but he did not quit working on himself.

Upon initiating his audio counseling session with Malavika, Shubham understood that there’s no escape for him to just sit around and witness the wrongdoings. He started taking Malavika’s advice very seriously and understood his thought process.

“Malavika suggested that I should divert my mind and indulge in other activities rather than dwelling on what had happened. She also advised me to focus more on positive thinking.”

It was a difficult time for Shubham to build trust again, but he did not quit working on himself. To tackle the troubling times of anxiety, Malavika suggested to Shubham to practice 21-minute breathing exercises, also known as Sambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Allotting daily 21 minutes for himself, Shubham saw the changes he’d never seen before. Shubham’s focus increased, and anger decreased. “I feel like I’m growing as a human being”, says Shubham.

“I’m not completely recovered, to be honest. But the strength and new perspective that Malavika gave me helped me miraculously. My anger is now controlled and sadness is decreased, too.”

Shubham rates himself 3.5 stars out of 5, in terms of feeling better and we couldn’t be more proud of him! For Shubham, Malavika was the guardian in disguise he needed in that dark hour. 

Shubham left us with one powerful statement to ponder – “If you feel something will not bother you after five years, stop wasting today’s 5 minutes thinking about it!”

Shubham’s Warrior Tips:
1. Counseling is not limited to mental disorders. It is to help you broaden your perspective and improve yourself.

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