Broken By One Relationship, Healed By Another: Rohan’s Journey

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Broken By Relationship And Healed By The Same.

“Once you stop looking for what you want, you find what you need.” – Horace Cope.

Born and raised in Chennai, 25-year-old Rohan is a person who is enthusiastic about various activities. He loves watching movies and focuses more on fitness. His interest in fitness can be traced back to his childhood where he faced a lot of bullying being a fat kid. Currently, Rohan works as a software engineer. 

As a child, Rohan didn’t witness a very healthy relationship with his parents. He faced a lot of issues coping up with that environment. Later, as he grew older, Rohan decided to maintain a very formal relationship with them. 

“Growing up, I didn’t want to think whether my mom or my dad was the bad person.”

Not only was he a diligent student, but Rohan enjoyed programming from an early age. His love for this niche landed him in a job outside his hometown. But that also led him to go further away from his family. Eventually, he started having cold relationships with his parents as well as his sister. He preferred to contact them only when any work came up. 

Rohan’s days took a steep turn as he eventually fell into a dark alley after a failed relationship.

My parents help me out whenever I need something. Similarly, I help them when they need something.”

Rohan’s life took a turn when he fell in love with a girl. They had a complicated relationship right from the start. He was deeply in love with her. Finding love in a place where Rohan was void of affection was the best thing that could happen to him. 

But Rohan’s days took a steep turn as he eventually fell into a dark alley. The love of his life had bid him goodbye as she got married to someone else. In no time, Rohan’s world fell on his feet and the first thing that got affected was his work. He had many people at his workplace who understood his situation, but Rohan being a dedicated employee was gravely bothered by this change. His days were filled with increased sleep and he would lie on his bed all day. 

“I felt like depression hit me to such a level that I wouldn’t even touch my laptop for days.”

But like they say, “when you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but up.” Rohan decided to take a leap of faith. His company is associated with an emotional wellness coach, YourDOST, where he connected himself with a counselor. Surprisingly, the counselor turned extremely helpful and absorbent towards his situation. He felt like he was finally talking to a friend. 

Rohan’s counselor, being a professional, suggested various methods to overcome his troubles.

“I had no preconceptions about the idea of counseling. My counselor turned out to be very helpful and not only did she help me but also guided me throughout my journey to healing.” 

Rohan’s counselor, being a professional, suggested various methods to overcome his troubles. From writing down his goals to start working early in the morning, she guided him throughout with a practical approach. He was asked to write down all his goals for the coming day so that he was well equipped with work for the next day.

Soon, Rohan had reached a phase where he started noticing positive changes in him. He had inculcated a positive approach towards his life. Everything that he lost had a reason to convey. 

Today, we know Rohan as a person who got back up from a huge downfall with his own will. He completes his work with sincerity. Meanwhile, he shared a deep thought that as a guy, his issues aren’t really spoken about in society and he has to deal with it himself mostly. Rohan rates his improvement in this journey with a solid 4 out of 5. But, we at YourDOST saw his will to improve by taking a stand for himself. Rohan is indeed a strong person. We surely appreciate his resoluteness and would like to rate his improvement with a 5 on 5. 

Rohan’s Warrior Tips:
1. People need to know that you should go and seek help any day you go through something bad.
2. You can’t simply go to someone expecting that they will fix all your problems in a day. It is a slow process and you have to trust it.

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