Anshu Stepped Up His Game On Self Improvement with Therapy

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Anshu had a thirst for self improvement.

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall.

41-year-old Anshu Shukla is working as a manager in Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd. Anshu describes himself as a minimalist who believes in sustainability. Being a person who is always open to ideas, Anshu enjoys meeting people from different walks of life.

“Meeting new people allowed me to share experiences leading to a gain in different perspectives on life.”

Anshu had a thirst for self improvement. He always wanted to make a difference and leave something meaningful behind for society. But eventually, Anshu started to feel a void regarding his quest to meet his goals. Anshu was a person with big dreams that needed huge efforts. Soon, he realised that in order to reach that point, Anshu would have to go through some major self improvement. Anshu’s problems had started to take over as he realised that he had hit a roadblock for ideas.

“My world had taken a turn towards darkness because what mattered to me most had begun to take a toll on my mental health.”

Just like his minimalistic life seemed organised, so was his mind and way to life.

Anshu was not a person who would give up that easily. Just like his minimalistic life seemed organised, so was his mind and way to life. Anshu had introspected his problem already but he needed a platform to express himself and get hold of her situation. 

YourDOST – an emotional wellness coach, entered his life through APPL’s HR and their resources. He took this as an opportunity to step out of this issue and make a change that he was craving for. Anshu got in touch with YourDOST counselor, Divya Kumari and fortunately, he clicked with her right away. Anshu developed a bond of understanding with Divya and this is the reason why he had finally developed trust in the process of counseling. Divya guided Anshu through various perspectives on self improvement and introduced a series of ideas on the same.

“I tried all the methods that Divya suggested to me and stuck with the ones which helped me personally.”

In no time, Anshu had started to take control over his decisions and ideas. Not only was Anshu overcoming his self-doubt, but he also saw real improvement in positivity towards life and work.

“I had begun to look at the brighter side of all aspects of life.”

Anshu describes his counselor as a very supportive mentor who also was a good listener.

Anshu describes his counselor as a very supportive mentor who also was a good listener. As Anshu’s problems demanded a good channel of ideas, Divya turned out to be the perfect person who could guide her. She had brilliant ideas!, said Anshu. Anshu, being a person who was searching for ideas on improving himself, sees this process of seeking professional help as a perfect approach for a solution. Anshu firmly believes that being open to ideas always brings in more possibilities for reforms. 

Anshu rates his journey to self improvement with a bang on 5 out of 5. Surely, he knew exactly what he had to do and we, at YourDOST, are immensely impressed by the sheer determination and zeal towards overall betterment.

Anshu’s Warrior Tips:
1. Please talk to someone. Also, it is better if it’s a professional. It really helps.
2. Things can be done differently and it helps to see the solutions which may be staring us right in the face but we are unable to see them.

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