“Your Brain is Your Biggest and Most Treasured Power” Says Sukanya

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Sukanya couldnt move on from her heartbreak.

“I was looking for him in any new people I met with. It was at this moment when I realised I need professional guidance.”

These are the words from Sukanya, a happy-go-lucky 25-year-old working professional from Bangalore. Since childhood, she has been exposed to various cultures across the globe. 

Contrary to a lot of millennial kids, Sukanya loved Maths and Physics since her school time and later pursued Science stream. Align with this, she had always been interested in arts and crafts too! To give her passion a platform, she started taking interest in UX and UI designs, digital art, and photography too and later pursued a career in Design. The extrovert that she is, Sukanya also loves to hang out with different people!

“Life was going well, and then one day I woke up to a breakup of my four-year-long relationship. I was in miserable pain, without any directions. But I know it will all be alright soon.”

Sukanya was dealing with the unbearable pain of a breakup where nothing in her life made any sense. She was alone and found it very hard to function. Sukanya had a good bunch of friends who supported her in these tough times. She started venting out to them but then one day she thought to herself, “How much can I talk to my friends, after all?” 

Sukanya’s work was getting hampered, as she was not able to concentrate. She was unable to give her 100% in his personal and professional life, too.

>Sukanya is well versed in counseling sessions and therapy, and she was eager to try counseling.

Sukanya is well versed in counseling sessions and therapy, and she was eager to try counseling. In addition to this, her sister being a psychology student boosted her morale! So, when she received an email from YourDOST as her organisation’s emotional wellness partner, she decided to give it a try, because to her, “Counseling is just like going to another doctor!”

“I opened YourDOST site, browsed a bit and then chose an expert who specialised in love & relationship related issues. I opted for video sessions and was excited to start my healing process.”

Breakups are a very sensitive time to go through, and Sukanya’s counselor, Ishita was well aware of this. So, instead of jumping to the issue directly, she decided to take the sessions slow and understand Sukanya’s psyche. Ishita was very empathetic towards Sukanya and even lifted her up by saying, “You can heal much faster than other people”. This not only helped Sukanya emotionally but cognitively as well.

After understanding Sukanya’s personality, Ishita suggested she meet or talk with her old friends and relive those memories. Along with this, Ishita also guided Sukanya to write down her emotions and instances where she would miss his ex-boyfriend and then later discuss it after a gap of two weeks.

Sukanya was now an improved version of herself and couldn't believe the progress she had made.

“Everything was getting back on track again. I visited the Himalayas for two weeks, impulsively! I only knew two people and the rest of them were unknown to me. I was so happy with the entire experience.”

Sukanya was now an improved version of herself and couldn’t believe the progress she had made. Her tendency to look for a similar person as her ex-boyfriend had also reduced and she was ready to explore new people, without any biases. Sukanya gives credit to Ishita for being very warm and kind towards her in these tough times.

Today, Sukanya is stronger than ever with a positive outlook towards life. She still misses her ex-boyfriend every now and then, but as she sees a new Sukanya in the mirror today, she couldn’t be more proud of knowing how far she has come!

Sukanya’s Warrior Tips:
1. Your brain is your biggest and most treasured power. Cherish it and take care of it.
2. If you get a fracture, you visit a doctor right away, right? Then why should one shy away from seeking professional help from a psychiatrist?
3. We are usually on our phones 24*7, we should spare some time for ourselves and reach out to a counselor whenever need be. With YourDOST providing online counseling, it’s a true blessing!

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