Ankush’s Journey of Developing Self Confidence Through Counseling

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Ankush’s Journey of Developing Self Confidence Through Counseling

“I feel lost and don’t know what I want from life anymore.” 

A turmoil of thoughts started swirling in Ankush’s mind, as he was unable to focus on his work and lost interest in almost everything. Working at prestigious TVS Motors as an Assistant Manager, Ankush has been independent ever since he was put in a school hostel during the 5th standard. Ankush never had trouble communicating with others, but his relationships with close ones were affected after he went through a breakup.

Ankush found himself away from the crowd, which was very unlikely of him. For someone like Ankush, who loves to be around people, this was not an easy transition. Ankush started distancing himself from people because of a small fight with his roommate, which turned into a cold war, and he did not rest for over a month.

“I used to get furious. My work was getting hampered because of this. I started losing confidence in talking to other people. I even started breaking ties with my friends and colleagues.”

The new emotions were non-comprehensive to Ankush, and he wanted to seek help from someone. “I was scared; I might have depression,” said Ankush. He was, indeed, very hesitant to discuss his issues at first but then slowly started talking. Ankush’s friends guided him to seek professional help, but Ankush was too reluctant to seek therapy. After days of self-introspection by watching videos on depression and improving himself, Ankush finally reached out to YourDOST and took the first step.

Ankush got connected with Divya, an unbiased coach from YourDOST.

“I connected with YourDOST, but I was still confused about what to talk with the counselor, but I needed solutions.”

Ankush got connected with Divya, an unbiased coach from YourDOST. Before discussing Ankush’s lack of confidence to talk to other people, Divya tried to understand the root cause of such behavior. Ankush took some time to open up to Divya, but as the sessions progressed, he opened up to her and told her about how his thought process had changed post his breakup and how he was shattered and lost contact with most of his friends.

“Divya was non-judgemental, and I appreciated that. She suggested that I should take a personality test to understand myself better. Now I know what kind of a person I am and how I should react to situations.”

Divya’s constant support to Ankush was helping him lift off the weight from his chest. In addition to the personality test, Ankush was also suggested to jot down what makes him sad and what all things make him happy. Later, when Ankush saw the list, he realised how the majority of the bad things were, in fact, negligible and that he should focus more on positivity and gain more confidence.

>Ankush was not only surrounding himself with positivity now; he was also working on bettering himself with each passing day.

“I was confused why Divya was asking certain questions, but later I understood that all of her questions were leading me to know myself better.”

Ankush was slowly gaining a clearer understanding of himself, and he narrated one incident where his ex-partner called him at night, but he did not let his emotions overpower him. Ankush was very proud of himself for taking this step and even thanked Divya for making him more assertive.

Ankush was not only surrounding himself with positivity now; he was also working on bettering himself with each passing day. Ankush reveals patience is something that helped him throughout the counseling process and how he is glad to have taken the step to be a better version of himself.

“I thank Divya wholeheartedly for being there with me during my hard times. As a result, I have a new perspective now, on life, and about myself.”

Ankush rates his improvement journey a 3 star from 5, but he has scored perfectly with his strong confidence and assertiveness for us. 

From all of us at YourDOST, Ankush, you are an amazing person who always aims to be the best version of yourself!

Ankush’s Warrior Tips:
1. There is nothing wrong in trying counseling, even if it’s for something you feel insignificant. No pain or suffering is small.
2. Crying out loud is okay and should be normalised.


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