Paris’ Journey From “My Problem Is Mine” to “If You Talk It Out, You Can Sort It Out”

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Paris’ journey from “my problem is mine” to “if you talk it out, you can sort it out”

It has been rightly said that “Once you know who you are, you don’t have to worry anymore” and this is distinctly reflected in the newly gained confidence that Paris Chetry wears on his sleeve. 

However, things weren’t as ideal as Paris Chetry, a working professional with logistics firm BlackBuck, had thought they would be. A little over 3 years back, he moved from Assam to Bangalore to work with new hopes and aspirations. 

The world out here is very competitive and runs on the survival of the fittest mantra. Although I don’t come with a very strong educational background, I’ve still tried to sort my life out in the last 5 years.

When the whole world was trying to adapt to the pandemic nuances with many being at the receiving end of some very unfair consequences, Paris too was impacted when he lost his job in April 2020 and fell into depression.

After losing my job during lockdown, I felt lost, not being able to figure my way out. I would feel really low, lay down at my bed, not shower for days and I had even started dodging my friends’ calls. I thought my problems were my own.”

Paris felt he was prioritising his work over himself


Being someone with a strong mindset, someone who loved to read books, meditate and exercise, Paris felt he wasn’t prioritising himself over work. 

I found myself in bad shape. I wasn’t giving priority to my breakfast, my exercise and meditation.

Paris couldn’t visit his friends due to the lockdown. If he spoke with his family or colleagues, his concerns wouldn’t get solved and he feared that they might take his issues personally. Too tangled amidst negative thoughts, he realized that he couldn’t keep sweeping his problems under the rug anymore. He wanted to become his old self again and move forward.  So he connected with Divya, his YourDOST coach.

She helped me find a direction to think positively. She understood my challenges and made me acknowledge that certain things are beyond our control and what others think doesn’t matter.  To sum it up, she listened to me.

At this point, Paris became more vocal about his thoughts. He started expressing himself more freely and felt himself regaining his confidence, something that was also affected due to the social diseases of racism that he faced at work.

People called me Chinese, said I have come from Japan and that I’m good for selling momos. How much ever I would try to convince them the other way, it would eventually be very discouraging and lower my morale.

One of the other factors that drove Paris to seek support was how counseling was solving a social problem. 

Not all are connected to or surrounded by good people. I basically wanted someone to talk to and I found the expert as that one like minded person I was looking to connect with. 

Paris started seeing a positive change in his thoughts


After a couple of sessions, Paris saw a positive change in his thoughts. He could shape his routine better, got back to his old priorities and now goes by “what’s right for me, is right for me” rule. He feels more resilient towards life.

I can say that the expert helped me come out of my depression phase and find my human side again. I’m at least mentally prepared now. Even if I lose my job someday, I know how to bounce back and stay focused. I know that I’m capable.

He only has one clear and loud piece of advice for those who are not comfortable with sharing their worries. 

You can’t conquer all your problems alone. I encourage people to come out and seek support but first, they need to be ready for it. We need to rise above a standard life and realize that our health is important too.

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Paris’ Warrior Tips:
1. You can’t conquer all your problems alone
2. If you talk it out, you can sort it out
3. Not all are connected to or surrounded by supportive folks. If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to come out and seek counseling

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