How Millenials Are Dealing With COVID-19 Stress

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As a part of its COVID-19 related activities, YourDOST conducted a survey on “COVID-19 related stress”. Our findings were very interesting. When analysed specifically for responses from our community members who belong to the millennial generation, here’s what we found:

55% Of Indian Millennials report experiencing moderate to no stress from the COVID-19 pandemic

With the majority not experiencing high stress, this number is a testament to the resilience of Indian millennials. After all, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Before COVID-19 struck, pandemic was thought of as a thing that happened only in the middle ages.

So the million dollar question is, what are the most utilised coping mechanisms Indian millennials are using to deal with this stress?


Keep yourself busy

1. Keeping Themselves Busy With Work

Every 4th millennial is burying themselves in their career related work, house chores and academics to cope.

This is a very constructive way of keeping yourself busy. You might not realise it but apart from preventing boredom it also helps keep loneliness at bay. This is because these activities keep your brain stimulated and active, and just like swift water, an active mind never stagnates.


binge watching and streaming

2. Listening to music/Watching TV shows & Movies/Reading

Almost every 5th millennial is using music, tv shows, movies, and reading as their preferred coping mechanism. This is hardly surprising. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. have all reported a significant increase in their usage numbers, during this pandemic.

This coping mechanism does come with a risk though. This increased usage of technology can turn into an addiction to technology. It’s important that your technology use isn’t excessive. Experts suggest using mind jogging activities such as jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, etc. as alternatives to fight the craving to use technology.


Physical exercises, working out

3. Working Out

Every 1 in 10 millennials is turning to physical workout as their technique of preference. This is commendable. Physical exercise causes the body to release hormones called endorphins. Endorphins have  anti-inflammatory properties and boost your mood among other things, thus reducing stress.

So a Yoga, weight training, <insert your preferred exercise> routine will be of great benefit.

Millennials are the next generation to take over the reins of this country and must make sure that this pandemic doesn’t burn them out. Make your mental health a priority, and seeking guidance when necessary the norm. Our Experts are here to help you with that 24×7. Connect with them today.

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