From Feeling Lost to Believing in Herself Again, Akshita Is an Inspiration to Us All

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Don't lost sight of your goals - how therapy helped Akshita bounce back

It has been said –

Success belongs to those who are goal oriented, determined and persevering.

But sometimes in life, certain events may make you lose sight of your goals. At this time, seeking support from another person for guidance can give you perspective and put you back on the track to success. Akshita knows this all too well.

Akshita Jaiswal, 20 is an honours student at the prestigious and famous Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. Just before joining SRCC, Akshita had experienced a personal tragedy.

When I was in Class 12, I lost my mother.

It is a testament to Akshita’s resilience and perseverance that despite this tragedy, she performed well in her boards and got an admit into the highly selective SRCC. But having spent her whole life in her hometown of Kolkata, being in a new city, away from family, Akshita had trouble adjusting to her new life.

Delhi was so different. In Kolkata, if you asked people for help, they would always go out of their way to provide it. In Delhi, people would either ignore you or misguide you. I had so many experiences like this here.

akshita felt alone

She also felt alone.

When you lose your mother, there’s no one to take care of you like that. Also in Delhi, I felt like I was on my own with no one to take care of me.

Akshita also had some experiences which left her feeling low. A failed relationship was one of them. She also found her grades plunging. She started doubting and questioning herself.

SRCC is quite a competitive college. When you go there as a bright student and then don’t perform so well, your impression in your own eyes goes down. I felt I wasn’t taking care of my responsibilities in life.

She tried to share her misgivings with her friends but couldn’t do it very effectively.

I have a couple of good friends. But everyone’s busy nowadays and it’s difficult for them to listen to you all the time.

At this point, Akshita decided to give counseling a shot and approached YourDOST. She connected with Mr. Aditya Sisodia, an accomplished career counselor and life coach with 10+ years of experience. Aditya distinctly remembers Akshita’s case.

When she first connected with me, her confidence and self-esteem were quite low. She was full of self-doubt and was also trying to come to terms with peer pressure related to relationships, academics, career, etc.

Aditya knew that he needed to help Akshita start believing in herself again.

I told her that she needed to accept herself for who she is rather than come under peer pressure.

He worked on convincing her that if she was okay with and accepted her opinions and decisions, then that’s it and there’s no need for external validation.

With Aditya’s guidance, not only did Akshita start taking steps in the right direction but actually made leaps and bounds.

Aditya sir taught me how to deal with things as well. I also learned that I needed to get rid of the toxic elements in my life. I distanced myself from all the judgemental people in my life.

akshita started bouncing back

Remember the goal-oriented, resilient and perseverant person that Akshita was at the beginning of this story? Well Akshita found herself again.

I had lost sight of what it is I want to do once I graduate from here. Aditya sir’s guidance gave me perspective about why I was at SRCC and what my goals were. I also don’t judge myself anymore.

Akshita can’t stop praising Aditya for his support.

I shared everything with him. I felt that I needed to share with a person who was neither involved in my academic life, nor my personal life. I found that person in Aditya sir. Whenever I tell him about even the smallest accomplishment, he has only 4 words for me “I’m proud of you”. It’s so motivating.

Aditya also can’t stop appreciating Akshita for her massive progress.

If I compare the Akshita who came first, and the Akshita who I talk to now, it’s like night and day. She has put so much effort into bettering herself. She’s so confident now. She is also much clearer about her goals and is very focused about them.

We’re more than sure that Akshita will reach great heights in life and we wish this Warrior all the best.

Like Akshita, many of us may find ourselves disoriented in life, giving rise to much self-doubt. She has one piece of advice for you.

Often, when you’re in distress you don’t have anyone in your family and friends circle to listen to you. In today’s world, a patient listener is a rare breed. But there are always counselors who are there for you.

Are you someone who has gone through a difficult phase and emerged stronger and better, with some professional help? Share your story with us to encourage thousands of others who might be struggling. Click here to submit your story.

Akshita’s Warrior Tips:
1. Believe in yourself
2. Don’t lose sight of your goals in life
3. If you have no one who will listen to you, connect with a counselor instead

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