How I Used Therapy to Become the Best Version of Myself

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“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed.

Your words could be a page in someone else’s survival guide”


This is precisely what our friend Vineet Daniel M believes. Hence he shares his own inspirational story of the “life mountain” he climbed.

Vineet, 22 is a medical student. He studies in the city of Chicago, USA, as an international student. He first approached YourDOST in September 2019. His issue? None that he could pinpoint really. But he did have a goal – personal growth.

I didn’t necessarily have a personal problem when I started. I was just in a very pro mental health stage where I decided to give therapy a try, just to keep a check on myself

Additionally, Vineet was looking to improve his self-awareness in order to enhance his connections with others. All in all, here was a man who had resolved to become a better version of himself. He connected with YourDOST Expert, Ms. Amulya DSL, to act on this resolution.

When Vineet connected with me first, he did have certain specific concerns in mind that he wished to discuss. Over the course of therapy, we were able to discuss them as larger goals while also addressing specific concerns that came up along the process

Together, Vineet and Amulya explored the concepts of connection, self-love, vulnerability, emotional management, authenticity, and academic and career goals, in his life. One of the things that stood out about Vineet was his openness and receptivity to the therapy process and the change it can bring. He was regular and consistent in scheduling sessions and showing up for them. Vineet allowed himself as well as the therapy process to take its pace rather than striving for and rushing unrealistically towards change. He was also actively engaged with therapy in that he would share his concerns openly and would also do the exercises and homework discussed, with all sincerity.


The sessions acted as a very good mirror to my mental state, making me more aware of it, of my vulnerabilities and my defence mechanisms. Just the awareness of it is such a huge plus in your life that…it can only be experienced when it happens

With time, the therapy started to work its magic. Vineet started showing excellent progress in terms of learning to accept his own feelings and communicating them to others, allowing healthier perspectives about handling conflict,  taking risks, and initiating behaviours which improve his confidence.

 5 months later Vineet is indeed a better version of himself.


My sessions with Amulya have been life changing. Today I am my most confident self that I have ever been in my life and I owe a huge part of it to my sessions with Amulya. This was the best decision of my life

Vineet was visiting home in India for Christmas 2019, and we had the honour of meeting him in person as he paid a visit to our office to personally thank Amulya, and left a “Thank You” note for her as well.


It takes a lot of courage to openly share something so personal. We are really grateful to Vineet for not only trusting us, but also sharing his story to inspire a lot of others who’re still unsure if counseling can help them or not

If you too are looking to become a better version of yourself, please know that we’re here for you. Talk to a YourDOST Expert today, for personalized guidance.

Many more such #YDWarriors decided to share their stories with us to inspire others. If you have also gone through a difficult phase and emerged stronger and better, share your contact details and we shall get in touch with you. Click here to share your details.

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